Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photo Bomb

We have had a crazy past few weeks. Not in a good way either. So much drama going on with family and then getting ready for this move to Alabama..... it has taken its toll. So Im sorry Im not doing very good with keeping this blog up to date. But 2013 has not started out to be a good year and Im just trying to not break down. Ive been thinking about having triplets lately, comparing the stage they are in now versus when they were little. At this point, I would perfer little babies over toddlers I have to say. Its more physically exhausting as babies but its more emotionally exhausting as toddlers. It has just been a hard year for this momma.... and Im super nervous about jared starting this new business and what that will mean for him being so busy all the time. Its depressing. Seriously.

So thats my sad story for now. We leave the end of February for Alabama and the only thing keeping me going is knowing I will be super close to my mom and dad. They are (as usual) my lifeline. Here are some adorable pictures of my gorgeous, exhausting, precious, tantrum filled toddlers. Enjoy.

 Charli's favorite thing to do lately is color. And she is quite good at it.
 Sweet Abbi
 Say Cheese Mia!
 Charlotte not much into the camera lately.
 Charli being girlie. Had to get a pic of that!
Charli holding Mia Bia's hand.

 She loves to hold hands with a sister and run around.
 Abbi in blue.
 Abbi singing me a song. I dont remember which one though.
 Gorgeous Abbi.
 This child is so photogenic.

 Mia and Charli. So much alike and yet so different.
 But best of friends!!
 Beautiful Charli Bean
 Look at those huge blue eyes! Gorgeous. She loves being Princess Mia.

Abbi was feeling a little sad so Charlotte started snuggling her saying "Its ok Abbi."She's such a sweet big sister.

 Love love it. I hope they always stay this close. It is my mission in life to keep this girls tight together. Sisters are so important.
 Took this picture even though I look horrifying! HA! I actually dont care. The beautiful toddlers in there make it gorgeous enough! Me and the Bean!
 Abbi and the momma!
Momma Mia and Momma
 Abbi not liking something. HA!

 Charlotte loves getting the colorful dominoes out and playing with them. Me, not so much cause then I have to count 55 dominoes to make sure one isnt missing.
 Mia just tinkering with something but in her princess outfit, of course.
 Abbi loves little holes or spaces she can hide out in. The toy boxes seem to be a big hit.
 Mia... hahaha love her face in this picture. haha she's a ghost.
 So I was trying to take a picture of Abigail and take one I got her eyes closed.
 Take two and three I got her eyes closed again. So I told her to try to keep her eyes wide.

And this is the photo I got. HAHAHA! I died laughing. Poor girl... she tried to do what momma said! Love this baby (even though she loves her daddy much more than her momma.....)
When they were little I would write about all the awesome milestones that they would hit. Now they are just so brillant and talented I sometimes forget or just dont know what they should be doing anyway at this age. They know their alphabet backwards and forwards. They recognize every letter and know every sound. They can count past 20. Charlotte is a great colorer. Abbi has the most amazing attention span. Mia is an amazing drawer. She can draw a full face all by herself. I just cant brag enough about how super smart these girlies are. They love love to read books, especially with mommy and daddy so they can learn even more by asking a million questions. I love it! 
Just this morning at breakfast Charlotte said "Mommy, panda bears are black and white and eat bamboo." haha Why yes Charli, that's right! How random and how right she was! I just get things like that all day and those moments make the tantrums and throw downs and biting and time outs and screaming and pushing and hitting semi bearable. Normally, more than bearable but like I said, I'm having a rough few weeks.... It will be better in Alabama, I hope.