Friday, August 9, 2013

Finishing up birthday #3

 So we turned our house into a Fourth of July show room for the girlies. They loved it!

 I printed off tons of pictures of them throughout their three years here on earth, and made a little garland our of it. They loved seeing pictures of themselves and we all loved reminiscing.

 My little Mia holding her three balloons to represent being three years old.
 My Abigail is three too!
 Don't forget silly Charlotte is three as well! (Three three year olds... Gesh!!)
 This was seriously the best picture I could get of all the cousins... My girls were in a mood!
 Our yummy strawberry cake Mimi made for us.
 Mia eating her cake.
 My beanie is so silly.
Abbi loves her some cake!!

3 year interviews

Prepare yourself for the adorable-ness I get to be around all day. You can see who my talker is in the bunch (Mia). I love these girls and cant believe they are 3 already. I think I will say that for every birthday!! It just goes by so fast....