Sunday, July 27, 2014

Happy Four Years Girls

The girls turned 4 this month. I can not believe how big they are getting. Its all going by so quickly! No fair! But Im so proud of these girls and their sweet hearts. Everyday is an adventure and a blessing.
So for this year the girls INSISTED on a Frozen birthday theme. I tried and tried to talk them out of it, but no go. Hopefully, we can get it all out of our system. HA! 
So I went all out. Thankfully I had the best helpers, Jared, grandma and grandpa. Lots of blue and white and lots of snowflakes! 

 I believe this garland had like 150 + balloons! We had a balloon pump luckily but still was quite a feat.

 Had to get the Anna and Elsa cut out for the big day.

I know that looks like a lot of presents, and it was, but honestly its a birthday party for 3 girls!

 The table was pretty too! We had pretzel sticks, carrots with ranch, frozen grapes, fruit tray, deli meat tray and a special punch (Gatorade and sprite) with jello squares to go in it. Yum!

 We started by coloring lots of Frozen pictures while the movie was playing in the background. Sweet little Clara joined us for our special day. 

 We then ATTEMPTED to salt color. I saw it on Pintrest but it didnt work out.... all well.

 We then had to move on to the presents. Charli insisted! HA! We got lots of goodies. Books, dress up clothes, Princess Barbie dolls, Magiclip dolls (they love them), and a Tball set.

 We were SUPER excited that Grandma and Grandpa flew out from Utah to be with us. 

 My Mia is four! Stop growing baby please!

 And my Abbi too! Stop just stop!

 My sweet Charli. I adore these girls!

 Loved our cake. Baskin-Robbins did a great job! We got an ice cream cake (half choc/half strawberry ice cream with choc cake) It was pretty yummy. Im not an ice cream cake fan really but I thought the ice cream went with the Frozen theme pretty good. HA! I know, im a freak! The girls loved it so thats all that matters!

 I printed off the pictures of each of the characters, took them to get laminated, and used game pieces to stand them up. Loved it! Turned out aweseome and was much cheaper than buying the the little toy pieces.

 We finished the day out with dragging the bounce house (last years big birthday present) and hooked it up to the water hose. It was awesome. We had never used the water part of the bounce house so it was extra special for the girls and they loved it. 

Love these girls. They are worth every ounce of my energy, patience, blood sweat and tears. Birthdays are bittersweet for me because Im so thankful they are healthy and alive and growing beautifully. But I know these years are fleeting and are going so quickly. They dont need me as much as last year this time. Next year will be the same story. Motherhood is such a wonderfully complicated. 

Happy Birthday Charli, Abbi and Mia!

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  1. And this is why you blog! Those sweet videos and all those pictures!!!! Absolutely love it. Miss those BIG girls!