Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cute Sayings

I wanted to write down all the funny and awesome things my girls say. Truth be told, I think theyre so cute that I dont even correct them. I will..... eventually. But for now, Im loving all this toddler yummyness!

1. Stripe-d. They give the word striped 2 syllables. I dont know why, but its the cutest. "mom i want to wear my stripe-d shirt."

2. Stinkin Bluety- This is how they pronounce Sleeping Beauty. Perfection.

3. Tormatoe- This is the way the say tornado. They love hearing the story about the day the tornadoes came to our neighborhood and how Heavenly Father protected our home and family. "Tell us about the tormatoes!!"

4. All My Life- When they get excited and happy about something they will say something like, "I love ice cream all my life!" Now, if I were to say that, not so cute. But since "all my life" for them is just 4 short years its priceless.

5. Clury- Curly. After i take down a braid their hair is perfectly curly, its awesome and yes, Im jealous. They will ask me "mom is my hair clury now?" I will just smile and say "yes baby it is!"

6. Crown- This is how they say the word crayon. haha its just wonderfully southern....

7. You tell my no- This was just Abigail mainly and sadly she doesnt say this one anymore. But if i would tell her no for something she would get an adorable frustrated look on her face and say "You tell my no!!"' Heart melt....

8. Aminals- No misspelling there. They pronounce animals as aminals. hahaha simple case of dyslexia.

Aren't kids just the cutest?! I just love priceless moments like these and never want to forget them.