Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Messy girls

 These girls LOVE thier daddy. Our family is so blessed to have him as our daddy!

 The girls also LOVE thier spaghetti sauce. HA! I however did not love the clean up.
Charli Bean looks like she was caught with her hand in a cookie jar.

 Mia on the other hand looks quite pleased with herself.

 Abbi looks a little scared! haha but I love that my girls love to eat even if it does get messy!

Too cool for school! HA! Its so funny they watch their show with their glasses on. Makes it seem like it should be 3D or something.


  1. Those are some awesome messy faces! :D Those girls are just so adorable.

  2. Their daddy often had a face like that, eating. And then he'd fall asleep, face first, in his food!!! We love your precious lambs! Grandma and Grandpa