Friday, December 21, 2012


Had to share:

1. I was checking to see if everyone was poopy (I could smell something!) So I pulled the backside of the diaper and took a whiff. Five minutes later I was bending over to pick up toys and Mia pulls the backside of my pants back and takes a whiff. She says "mommy not poopy." Whew! Glad of that! HA!

2. I have the bad habit of staying in sweats/pjs most days because we never go anywhere. So whenever I DO get dressed Mia will tell me "Grocery SHopping!?" Bahaha. Poor child thinks we can only get dressed up to get groceries.... (dont worry, this is a New Year's Resolution for me, ya know to actually get real clothes on. We are all very excited.)

3. Last Sunday I went upstairs to get dressed for church and when I was finished I came downstairs with the girls so Jared could go up and get ready. As soon as Mia sees me she yells "Mommy CUTE!" haha got a fashionista on my hands!

Love that girl, had to share cause I just dont want to forgot funny things like this.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toone Fun!

We were blessed to have Jared's parents come into town for a few days and boy did we enjoy them! The girls just LOVED having so much attention on them and having new fun things to do. We went to the park everyday and the Bounce House and out to dinner and so many other fun things. 

 Charli woke up from her nap much earlier than the other two so she actually got one on one time with the grandparents. Lucky girl!

 Building a tower with grandpa.

 The other two soon followed and we proceeded to enjoy the company!

 Grandma got to read to Charli, one of bean's FAVORITE things to do!

 Grandpa got to snuggle Abbi and play with "Woody and Cowgirl" from Toy Story. The girl is obsessed! 

 He also got to read to Mia. 

 Abbi is such a funny kid. HA!

We really loved having them here and wish we lived closer! They left just in time to miss the brief cold front we had the next day. It was super cloudy that day, which I read is the best condition to take pictures so I took advantage of it and got some good ones.

 My three angels. I adore these girls and all the hardships and snuggles they give me!




 Can I just say how much I love Mia and Abbi's beautiful blonde curly hair. Its gorgeous!

 Charli Bean loves my little nativity set I bought for them. She is always carrying around the four animals in her arms and it trips me out.

 Charli is such a ham. Look at her with her crazy hair and legs crossed. Shes such a funny girl.

We made a tent since it was so chilly outside. Isnt it so much more fun to read your books under a tent with blankets and pillows? hmmm YES! HA! It didnt last long since Charli just had to crawl all over the chairs it became a hazard but it was fun while it lasted.

Best of friends. So grateful they have each other and that i have them. 

Now we wait until Christmas for Mimi and Poppy to come in for our next exciting venture. Since thats two very long weeks away I am planning some fun things to keep us patient. If I dont post before Christmas though, Merry Christmas to my loved ones who faithfully keep up with my sweet family. I love you all dearly!

"Kissmas Yights!"

The day after Thanksgiving, Karlee invited our family to go with theirs to College Station to see the Christmas Lights. The girls were SUPER excited! It was a bit chilly but we bundled them up and they had a blast.

  Its one of those drive through kind of places but since we drove up in two cars we had to park one of them pretty far away. So Karlee's crew piled up in our truck bed while we drove in and the girls were just too excited to contain themselves! HA! They love Karlee and her sweet boys.

 Daddy holding Abbi (who actually spent the majority of the time in Karlee's lap!

 Mommy holding Charli (who actually spent the majority of the time jumping up and down)!

 Poor Karlee is always put to work when my girls are around. They just love her so much.

 My gorgeous little bean.

 My gorgeous Mia Bia.

 We had a full truck with five kids, two moms, one daddy, and a Mimi (Karlee's mom). Kent and grandpa were driving the truck.

 Abbi hung out with Karlee and LOVED these lights.

Mia stopping for daddy to pose.

We had such a good time. However, it was a long drive up there and back and we were so late in getting home the girls actually missed their baths. It was straight to bed for these sleepy girls and that has NEVER happened before. Karlee sees that as a good thing as she is constantly trying to get me out of my shell! HA! Love her for that. Thanks for letting us come along! The girls still talk about all those "Kissmas Yights!"

Thanksgiving 2012

Okay, sorry this post is sooo belated but like I said, blogger wasn't letting me put any pictures up. So annoying. Anyway, thanks to my sister in law's brilliant idea and my husband's brilliant execution we are back up and running. That being said, here is our Thanksgiving 2012. 

We had a very laid back holiday. We enjoyed every second with Jared being off work. Both our families couldn't be with us this Thanksgiving so it was just us five. Charlotte happened to be under the weather so it worked out that a laid back day was just what we needed.   

 Mia watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. She loved it. 

 Abbi was enthralled as well. HA!

 Poor bean watched the parade too, all snuggled up to daddy (and kangaroo).

 But some fresh air was in order so we went to the park for some fun! It was the perfect weather and no one else was there so it was extra perfect. We had the swings all to ourselves! HA! Abbi loved it!

 As did Mia.

 Abbi climbing the wall.

 Mia swinging like a monkey on top of the slide. Its not as scary as it sounds.

 Even Charlotte got out and about on the slides. She had a good time despite her expression in this photo. HA!

 After naps, ect. we had a coloring activity of a turkey but Charlotte chose not to participate in.

 Abbi so intent.

 Mia checking out moms camera gadgets.

 Charli not feeling good, poor baby.

 Our Thanksgiving Day spread. Nothing too fancy or complicated since it was just our little family. Mashed tators, cranberry sauce (which Charlotte ate almost entirely!), salad, rolls, and a turkey breast.

 And our dessert spread (almost as big as the rest of the meal! HA!) I made banana pudding and carmelitas, and Jared insisted we have pumpkin pie so we let Kroger make that along with an apple pie. By the way, this was the girls' first experience with pie and my oh my did they love pie! HA!

 Before we ate, we went around and said what we were thankful for. I wrote down what the girls were thankful for on little leaves I made and created an Indian headband. HA! Kinda corny but they loved it. Here is Charli! 

 Charli was thankful for her toys, Daddy, and the temple.

 Mia Bia, just ready to eat!

 Mia was thankful for the temple, Jesus, and family.

 Abbi checking out her headband.

 Abigail was thankful for Toy Story, doggies (we also watched the dog show so that's where that came from), and her home.

 Jared feeding the girls the pie. HA! 

I love how most meals end up with Jared and I walking around feeding and cleaning up after the girls constantly. Man oh man, will it be strange when we can all sit down and have a dinner together. HA! One day.... 

Even though neither of our families were able to make it to Houston this year, we are certainly thankful for them and all they do for our family. We are so blessed with wonderful friends and family.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Blogger stinks!

Ok I know several of you fellow bloggers have had the same stunt pulled on you. Blogger just said I couldnt add more photos because Ive run out of storage. Isnt it a little strange that EVERYONE has run out of storage at the same time?? Come on, thats crap! What have you guys done to get around it? I need to upload tons of pics and cant! HELP!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Mia being boss

**This video was taken with the old camera so sorry for the poor quality. Also, this post was written a week ago but blogger was being retarded and not letting me post it with the video. Anyway, Enjoy!**

Mia is the little momma of our group. Its hilarious. Yesterday, we were playing outside and she yells to Abbi, "Abbi! Come here!" Abbi looks up at her and runs the opposite way. Mia yells "Not that way!" Bahaha I thought it was hilarious. (Now she knows what it feels like not to have little girls obeying!  JK...) Anyway, its funnier if you can hear Mia say "Abbi, Come here!" I obviously didn't video the incident outside but I did get her on video saying it. Enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2012


To my Friends and Family:

The holiday season is upon us again and I just love this time of year. I love the music and the glittery lights and the activities that there are to do. I love the excitement of packages and family get togethers and yummy food. I espcecially love the age my girls are at now because they are so much more aware of the holiday season now and all the extra things going on. Its very magical and I am so blessed and grateful for my family.

This year unfortunently I wont be able to be with my family for Thanksgiving. Jared's family is staying in Utah and my sister and her kids are driving to Alabama to spend the holiday with my parents. Im so glad that she gets to be with mom and dad this year and I know they will have a wonderful week with them. Its actually the first major holiday like this that I wont be with any other family besides my husband and girls. Its very strange. But also kind of nice and laid back which I am all about.

Thinking about what Im most grateful for this year I started to think about the year that Ive had. Without one shadow of a doubt this has been the worst year Ive ever had to endure due to one unthinkable and unimaginable tragedy. Nathan's loss has impacted my family's life dramatically and has left us all with a horrible painful hole that is mostly unbearable. Especially with the holidays, we feel that loss more and more. Its a cruel world we live in. Its unforgiving and unreliable and ever changing.

Having said that, I can say with one hundred percent certainty that I have never been more grateful for the gospel in my life. The knowledge that I have of where my sweet Nathan is right now and what he is doing and the promise that we will be reunited as a family FOREVER if we live up to our covenants is the greatest thing in my life. Bar none. This world can be a horrid place but the gospel has provided the peace and comfort that my family has needed to at least have something to look forward to and hold on to for dear life.

So that's what I'll be clinging to throughout my life on this earth. Those promises that I believe in with all my soul. I will be doing everything I can to keep the covenants that I have made so that my family can be together forever. And that is what I am most thankful for this year. I miss my precious Nathan so much, more than I can say. And I still havent come to full terms of his loss. But he will be a wonderful motivator for me personally to stay on the straight and narrow path back to my Father in Heaven.

Im thankful for all my friends and family this year. Thankful for all the relationships that I have. They are a lifeline for me. Have a wonderful holiday season loved ones. You are in our prayers and hearts!

Photo Bomb!

Well Jared and I finally shelled out the dough and bought a new camera, a fancy camera. Im totally in love with it. And yet it completely intimidates me. I hope that one day I will be able to use it to its full capacity and pump out some amazing pictures. These are my amatuer photos and I hope they only get better. But I have to say they are already a million times better than the ones I USED to post. Enjoy!
 Charli and Abbi
 Mia, Abbi, Charli
 Mia kissing Charli
 Mia, Charli, Abbi