Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Funny Girls

Just some Random Thoughts/moments lately.

-Charlotte calls Mia "Mia Rebecca" as of late. Its pretty funny.

- We were in Sams last weekend and this burly sourly looking man with a bushy white beard walks by. Mia yells "Santa!" HAHA I held in my laughter to look apologically at the man, but he didnt seem to hear. So I busted out laughing.

- Mia loves to dress up in her tutu and crown and "magic wand"Aunt Gwen made the girls for Christmas. But whenever she's all dressed up, you have to call her Princess Mia! HA! She will walk around just saying "Hi Mommy!"So I will answer "Hi Princess Mia!" haha Oh and she always has to wear the pink one.

-Mia insisted on wearing her "princess mia" outfit, so I asked Abbi if she wanted hers and she yells YES! So I ask Charlotte if she wanted her outfit. She says "No! Charli play with balls!" Yeah, thats my tomboy!

-Abbi is in love with her daddy. Not just loves him, but IN love with him. Anywhere we go she has to hold daddys hand or sit next to daddy. The other day we were eating in a booth at a restaurant and she snuggles right up next to him, put her arms around him, closes her eyes super tight and just grins ear to ear. Like she was soaking up all of her daddy she possibly could. It was a tear in the eye moment. As a mother, I am SO grateful my girls have the best daddy in the world and that he has the most angelic girls in the world. I love my family. Theyre the best.

- Charlotte calls me "mommy girl" and Jared "daddy boy" sometimes. Its funny.

- Mia calls Charli "Charli Beam" instead of Charli Bean. haha its also funny.

- oh and we are moving in a few weeks back to Alabama. Jared is starting up his own pest control company in Huntsville.

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  1. I love these little tidbits so much! Abbi is a daddy's girl and he's so lucky!! He is an amazing man! We adore him as well. Love you all!