Saturday, November 7, 2009

Provo, Chicago, D.C. Houston... OH MY!

For our friends and family who dont know our plans (up until September or October that is) we are moving to Houston in March. I cant remember if I posted that already or not. Im so excited to FINALLY get back to Texas, even if for just a little while. Although I certainly wouldnt complain if it were extended.
Jared finally told me how tired of selling he is and that he is ready to do something else. So this is officially our last summer to sell. Its kinda hard for me to believe that right now but it sure has a beautiful ring to it. We are just weighing all of our options and seeing what will be best for us.
With Christmas coming up Ive trying to come up with presents for our families. I think we might do another Christmas card this year. Maybe not a picture though, I dont know. Im just kinda rambling on right now huh? haha Reminds me of my friend's, Cali, blog. I love reading her blogs cause she writes just to talk and I like that. You dont always need a specific reason to blog. Well until next time....



    P.S. I BETTER get a Christmas card this yr!

  2. I know I'm a total rambler!! :) You better call us when you are up here! I'm way excited to hang out again! he he

  3. That's so exciting that you are moving to TX, how come? For selling? I thought Jared wanted to open his own Pest Control company, is that still in the works?