Sunday, September 5, 2010

GIrls Girls Girls

We are blessing the girls at church today. Its very exciting and Jared is super pumped about it. Its not everyday you bless three babies at once! haha I cant believe they will be 9 weeks old on Tuesday.

We've already had to separate them in their cribs. They are each in their own because the twins (we call Abigail and Mia twins since they are identical and mainly act JUST alike) scream so loud they wake each other and poor sweet Charlotte up all the time. So the doctor suggested separating them. I dont think its made too much of a difference. They are still in the same room so they still wake each other up. I dont know...

I am so sleepy. These girls are not sleeping. I have been trying the Baby Wise scheduling thing and its not working. I am feeding them every three hours still and trying to let them wake up to eat after the 11 pm feeding.... no luck. They wake up at 330 ready for more food. The book says they should sleep till 5 or 6. HA! Thats what I say about that! I took the girls to the pediatrician because they will just SCREAM at night for HOURS so I thought they might be sick or something. NOPE. He said "Sorry, they are just fussy girls." Nice....

Its just seems sad to me that they are either sleeping or screaming. Its just so much hard work right now, its not very "fun." Does that make sense? I love doing what Im doing but its not fun yet. Anyway, I dont feel like Im making sense... being as tired as I am. haha

On a non baby note.... I cant believe summer is gone already. Im totally bummed about it too. I hate the winter (I didnt always hate it but Utah will do that to you). On the flip side football season started so that always helps cushion the sadness. Not that Texas will have a quarterback worth a darn AGAIN this year! Just another McCoy... Agh....

I will post pics of the girls blessing later.

I want sleep.


  1. Hey doll, the girl's blessings were beautiful.

    I wish there was something I could do for you or tell you to help with the girls sleeping and fussing. Avery was my hardest baby about sleeping. He didn't sleep for 14 months. The first three months he woke up every hour on the hour. I literally thought I was going to die! I remember holding the baby standing over my husband sleeping being so jealous that he was alseep. I would even get mad that everyone else was sleeping. The plus for you is you have such great help around. What a blessing. In the meantime though I'll tell you the only thing that kept me going...this too shall pass. My mother always said never wish away a day. Before long they will be three and climbing the walls! I prefer to sing like Dory from finding Nemo...Just keep Swimming! You're the best. Hang in there.

  2. Maybe separating them into different rooms? If there's room? I don't know - I hope the Baby Wise thing starts working real soon!

  3. I realize you don't know me (I grew up in the Toone's ward), but I've been following your pregnancy and stuff through FB with Jared and Gwen. I just had our third baby 8 weeks ago, and I've been trying the babywise thing, too. I can't say that Spencer's sleeping through the night super well (I'll get 6 hours about once a week), but I do at least like knowing when he'll be hungry, and being able to plan around the other 3 eaters in the family. :-D Best of luck to you, I think you guys are amazing, and your girls are absolutely adorable. I completely agree about the not fun thing, but at least having done it before, I can remind myself that Spencer will be fun in another few weeks, (he's just started smiling), and in the meantime, I should enjoy the snuggling and stuff. I'm trying, anyway.