Saturday, March 17, 2012

Having fun

We had a wonderful Saturday morning with our girls. Different than what we had planned but still wonderful. My sister came into town yesterday with her kiddos and the plan was to take them to the park and enjoy outside with company that day and then Saturday Jared would watch the girls and I would get a "break." I was going to get a massage and go shopping maybe catch a movie but it didn't quite work out. The girls were a little nervous about all the company, terrified actually and were clung to me all day. It was pretty stressful.

So since they had such a rough day I couldn't just leave them inside all day. SO as soon as they woke up and ate breakfast we took them to the park/splash pad. They had a ball! We played at the park for a while and then got wet! It was chilly at first but quickly heated up. They were exhausted by the end of it (we stayed almost two hours). Now Im updating the blog and Jared is downstairs with the girls. Im getting a semi-break (even though Im listening to them crying right now....) so it may not last long. HA! He has good intentions though. Good man, that one.

Lets play!

Charlotte is fearless! She runs around every sprinkler.

Mia, so cute! I love their swimsuits.

Yes. Charli got stuck in the chairs. HA!

Abbi is so girlie and nervous around the sprinklers. Its hilarious. She doesn't want to get all wet! But she loves it at the same time.

I know this is blurry but I just love it. Charli striking a pose!

By the end of the afternoon, they were wiped and just crashed. Abbi was exhausted! HA! Love it!

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  1. So cute! I just love their little swimsuits and their cute little skippy running and their grins and their pony tails and... just so, so cute!