Thursday, March 14, 2013

Still here

Im still here. Ive honestly had ZERO desire to mess with this blog lately. Im just not in a "blogging" state of mind. We are in Alabama. The move went very smoothly. The girls are adjusting more and more everyday and Jared is busy as a bee setting everything up for the business. Scout Pest Control is up and running and should have customers in a very short time. Its very exciting and nerve racking all at once. So with all this going on Ive had zero to no time for this blog. Sorry. Things should calm down soon and Ill be able to upload adorable pictures and videos of my girlies. By the way, the terrible twos are kicking my butt! But thats for a different post.


  1. Glad to have your sweet family back in our ward! Your beautiful little ladies are such a joy to see and it's a blessing to know you all.

  2. We are so excited to see things back up!! Wahoo!