Monday, June 3, 2013

Highlights 2

 On the way to Alabama we stopped and met up with the grandparents. Nana and Papaw Tommy.
The girls still ask to go see Nana and Tummy. HA!
 Mamaw Veda was able to come visit us even though she had just gotten out of surgery. Love her so much!
 Of course we love and miss our Mamaw Peg and Papa Skip!
 Our Easter Photo. I love this one of Mia in the yellow sweater. She's pushing up her glasses with her nose but it is priceless! HA! Love it!
 Movie date with daddy and sleeping bags. So sweet!
 Charli bean AKA Queen Sheba. haha So prim and proper!
 Mia enjoying the rain and her new umbrella!
 Abbi is so beautiful. Love her smile!
 Charli strutting her umbrella!
 This was not a good day. Abbi is crying at the door for "daddy!" She misses him all the time and its just heart breaking.
 Our new puddle jumpers. We love these things! Highly recommend them!
 Charlotte is fearless in the water! She loves to float.
 Abbi and Mia sharing a float. Love these girls.
 I just love this goofy drawing Mia drew. I was so impressed! You can see the eyes and eye brows and eye lashes. She even colored the eyes orange and nose blue.
 Disney on Ice was so much fun!
Mia, Abbi, Charli
 Just this past weekend I was able to take Mia on a one on one date. It was awesome! Man, one kid.... CAKE!! We went shopping and then lunch and then ice cream. It was amazing!
I also was able to take Abbi out on a date. We went to the mall and had lunch. She is such a doll. It really is so wonderful to have individual time with my girls. It was a New Years Resolution of mine to do this and Im grateful for my parents making it possible for me. Charlotte will be next. Love my girls!
Videos to come soon.


  1. Yay! Mommy Daughter dates are awesome. I'm sure the girls loved the one on one time as much as you did.

  2. That is wonderful!! What precious girls! What pool are you going to?