Monday, June 3, 2013

Highlights Part 1

I know Ive been M.I.A. lately. Ive just been struggling finding the desire to keep up with this thing. But I really dont want to get too far behind where I miss something. Some of these pictures are actually from Texas before we left. The girls have adjusted to being in Alabama fairly well. Charli loves it; playing in Poppy's garden and running in the huge yard. Mia loves her Mimi and Poppy and all the extra attention she gets. Abbi still struggles sometimes. When she is sick or feeling overwhelmed she will say she misses the "white house"(our townhome in Texas). And they all talk about Miss Karlee and Kent and Boston and Hudson (our sweet friends and neighbors in Texas).
Scout Pest Control is doing really well. We just recently celebrated our 100th customer. HA! I know that doesnt seem like alot but we are all so proud of Jared and all he is accomplishing. Its hard on the family though since he is so busy. But thankfully my parents are a huge help for me.
Im not uploading all the photos Ive taken in the last few months. Just the highlights.
 Sisterly love is always good to document. Especially with the toddler tantrums that throw down around here. 

 Abbi has been sick a couple of times lately. She just got over an ear infection. My very first ear infection. She caught it from this cold in the picture. It was awful. Jared was gone overnight camping with the young men and she was running such a high fever. I was completely overwhelmed. Abbi is still in her Ï only want daddy phase." So she didnt want this momma for anything. It was awful. Luckily, the antibiotics cured this angel.

 Our Easter dresses were so cute this year courtesy of Mimi. Here is Abbi in her purple dress.

 Mia Bia hiding in her pink dress.
 Charli did NOT want her picture taken. But giving mommy love is worth a photo shot. She had a beautiful blue dress.
 Our poor little Charlotte got bit by our neighbor's dog. I wasnt there to see it but I can almost guarentee little Bean probably pulled the tail or something to provoke her. It got so close to her eye but thankfully just missed it. Charli was pretty scared but she handled it like a champ. She learned to be more easy around dogs and I learned to never leave her side.... (just kidding, sorta).

 Still has a smile on her face! Love that girl.
My mom, our sweet neighbor Äunt Jeannie" and I were able to take the girls to Disney on Ice recently. The girls loved it. I have better pictures on my phone so once I upload those I will post them. It was a fun outting for us all.


  1. Beautiful, adorable girls! Man, I miss y'all.

  2. I had no idea Charlotte got bit! That is really scary. It doesn't look like they were too deep? Thank you so much for sharing with us. We love the pictures and hearing what the little ones are up to. Thanks you!