Saturday, July 27, 2013


YEAH! We made it pass the terrible twos. I have to say though, the threes seem pretty rough so far. HA! But I say that laughing because I absolutely love this age! Its the best! They are so funny. They can remember and understand so much that it surprises me sometimes.. I love that they have each other. I love that they are the most wonderful part of my day. I just feel like I could explode with happiness some days. And of course I find myself wanting to run away from home other days. HA! I think (hope) most moms feel that way SOMETIMES. They are still in their cribs, which I am actually sort of proud of.. and we still have 2 hour naps 98 percent of the time. They love nursery at church and that has been a huge blessing moving to this ward.

 The three things that I am now fearing and facing and dreading since they were born are 1. potty training (AGH!) 2. transferring to toddler beds and 3. ditching naps. They honestly should be potty trained by now. They are all ready and use toilet at least once a day. I just am having a hard time wanting to commit fully. Knowing that there will be accidents and messes, ect... Diapers just seem easier right now, more expensive but easier. I know I know... LAME! Im gonna do it! I promise. And toddler beds, well don't even get me started on that. Cribs still work perfectly fine and Since they share a room, yeah cribs will be just fine for a little while. Some days I think naps are a life savor! Who lives without naps?! Other days I think naps ruined the entire day. Its tricky but I can see naps fading in my future and Im sick to my stomach about it. Those two hours are a high commodity to me. It will be a sad day when they are over...

A little bit of info on each of my three very different girlies.

Abigail- My "gooey center" girl. She is absolute gold in her heart which is a killer combo with her amazing good looks! She loves to wear her princess dress and have me call her Princess Abigail. She is a creature of habit or repetition. It makes her feel secure and safe much more than the other two. She LOVES to read. I mean LOVES it. She memorizes the stories I tell her over and over and I find her telling herself the story sometimes by herself in her room. She is still a 100 percent daddy's girl. He can get her to eat anything with his Jedi mind tricks. Its amazing. She is still really shy around people she isn't familiar with. She just needs more confidence in herself. Something Im working on a lot lately. She says "I can't do it, I'm too little" too much for my liking. Got to get her out of that.

Charlotte- She is my adventure  girl. She is curious about everything and loves being outside. She loves helping poppy pick vegetables in the garden or playing with bugs or getting into dirt, no matter how hot it is. Nothing scares her. I mean fearless! Except, of course, when I have to clean out her latest scratch with peroxide. Then you would think I was cutting her leg off. She can be a bit dramatic about it. She loves to jump into the pool, dive or splash and will literally try ANYTHING I ask her too. I love her curiosity and independence. I love her nature to be outside doing something rather than being entertained. She has a tender heart too. Just a bit more wild than my other girls. Right now she is in a screaming phase. Like just bloody murder screaming, more so during naptime since she isn't asleep as quickly as the other ones. Makes for a frustrated momma. We are working on it.

Mia- My fairy princess. My girlie girl. She freaks out if she has dirt or anything foreign on her hands. She loves to dress up like Tinker Bell or a princess and make us call her "princess Mia" or "tinker bell Mia" She is a wonderful mother to the other two. If someone is crying she will say "You okay sweetie?" She is mostly over her biting phase (thank goodness). She has the funniest sense of humor. We have like a million inside jokes and we can just laugh and laugh with each other about them. She's acts like she is 3 going on 14.  She is my most picky eater, especially meat. She loves to help me clean. I will give her a wet wipe and that girl will go to town wiping down toys, the floor, the windows, anything. HA! Gotta say I love my clean freak girl!

Right now we are having more temper tantrums lately. But honestly, its not that bad. We will go DAYS without anyone being in time out. And then one day it will be just Mia in timeout all day long. HA! We are working through it. I love my girls and cant believe its been three whole years with them in my life. I will post a photo post and I am working on our birthday interviews which we started this year. Just asking them questions on their birthday each year to see how different their answers are as they grow. Should be fun to keep up with! Happy Birthday my Angels!!!


  1. *dances in happiness* My girrrrlllls. I sure love y'all.

  2. What a blessing they are to all of us! They are each so wonderful, different, amazing, smart - I could go on and on. Thanks for sharing their life with us as we're too too far away.