Wednesday, June 24, 2009


One of my very best friends from back when I was in school, Lindi, gave me some excellent advice. She told me to make my apartment a dance studio basically. Its great exercise and its FUN! haha She knows how much I love to dance around and act a fool and I got to tell ya, it was awesome! I was sweating like a pig and dancing around like I was on Dancing with the Stars. I waltzed to "Whats new Pussy Cat"-Tom Jones haha and jived to Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock." And I bumped and grinded to Britney Spears (thats right karlee) and two-stepped to CCR-"Have you seen the rain." (thought about my momma listening to CCR) haha Thank goodness for Pandora Radio. I looked retarded but I had a blast. I was singing and twirling (I got REALLY dizzy......anyway) like crazy. I highly recommend it to anyone sick and tired of running on a stupid treadmill.
When I was living at home, I would crank up my radio and sing like I was on a stage in a New York Broadway show staring ME! And my dad would come in after about 30 mins of my "hollerin" and say "Boot, you ok back here? I just had to check on you!" hahahaha I hated when he did that. He thought it was so funny but I was seriously singing my heart out. Well now I can dance around my entire apartment AND sing like a fool.... even though he's not here to check on me, I still think about him doing that and it makes me laugh! I love my daddy....... it hurts how much I miss him.
Anyway, thanks Lindi! It is a great idea and im gonna keep it up!


  1. I'm soo glad you danced to know she's coming back to do a second tour here......I'M GOING!!! Thank you for dancing your heart out like that! I would LOOOOOVE to see a video!! Record it for us next time so I can learn some knew moves!!! Dancing really does burn some serious cals though! Not a bad idea...

  2. lol I can totally picture you doing that too! I think that's a great idea to make working out fun.

  3. I totally do that, and I make Ashlyn do it with me!