Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Extra! Extra!

I am officially announcing to you all that Jared and I are finally ready to start trying to have a baby. August is the month baby! hehe Hopefully I will be pregnant by December, that's our goal. Its very exciting. Im still very very very very nervous about everything, but its time. We are so ready to have a baby. Everyone keep us in your prayers that things go smoothly.
I spent over a week in Alabama with my family and it was awesome! My sister drove up from Texas with the kiddos so I got to see them. I cant believe how big they are getting. Its crazy how fast time goes. We did so much stuff with the kids and I just had a blast. I ended up driving back to Virginia instead of flying because we had left our jeep wrangler at my parents house and jared now needs that car for summer sales. It is a stick shift and so my dad had to teach me how to drive it. I was really nervous driving home, especially the last 30 mins when I was in the city but Heavenly Father heard mine and my family's prayers and got me home safely. It was a miracle.
Chris, Jared's brother, decided to come sell with us for the rest of the summer. We are so excited! We adore Chris and it will certainly help the last leg of the summer go better and faster. We still arent sure about next summer yet. Jared is still weighing his options and trying to pick the best one for us. Well that catches you all up on us for now. I will keep you all posted!! hehe get it? posts on blogs..... (bad joke, sorry)

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