Monday, September 14, 2009


Its week 3 of my calorie counting. It has been really hard, but ive managed to do VERY well. Im eating 1600 calories a day and by calculations that should have me loosing 2 pounds a week. Not bad huh? Well the first week was awesome.... it worked! I lost 2 whole pounds.
The next week..... 1/2 pound....not so good, but not terrible. At least I was LOOSING right? haha Today was my third weigh in. How much did I loose... drum role please..... 1/2 pound!!! WHAT?!?? Half a freakin pound??? I was very disappointed....
So I come home from work today and out of curiosity I went to weigh myself again. (a BIG NO NO!) And I had gained a pound from this morning. So clearly that means I never lost anything. So for those math impaired, that means in 3 weeks of eating only 1600 calories a day Ive lost ONE FREAKING POUND!! I started crying. Im trying so hard to loose as much weight as possible while Jared and I are trying to have a baby, because my doctor told me Im "technically" overweight. I wanted to loose 10 pounds more than anything. And I cant even loose 2! Im heartbroken. Ive worked so hard counting EVERY SINGLE thing ive eaten for three whole weeks. Needless to say Im more than discouraged about it and completely freaked out that when i DO get pregnant and gain 30 pounds I wont be able to get rid of the extra afterwards. I dont know what else to do.

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  1. I'm sorry Ash, that's so frustrating when that happens! Are you exercising too? Maybe your body is being stubborn about its "set point" but keep going! It will figure out what you're doing and will start to cooperate! Good luck!