Friday, September 18, 2009

Back in saddle again...

I had a minor breakdown after my last post and ate things I shouldnt have. HA! But it only lasted two days. Yesterday I started back up because I realized I dont have time to pout and mope. So instead, I cut my calories down even more. Im at 1200 a day now instead of 1600. I started yesterday and its rough. But I can do anything for a month. Unless of course I get pregnant before then.
Thank you Cali for you sweet comment you made on my last post. You are such a great friend and I miss you guys SO much! Im so blessed to have such a great support system helping me do this. I think a HUGE part of why I was so upset that my diet wasnt working is because it felt like my first official failure trying to be the best mom I can be. And this is so simple compared to what I will face and I cant even get this right. It scared me. But Im over it. Move on a do it different and better.
GOOOOO 1200 CALORIES!! YEAH! haha (Not really, it stinks)

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  1. Thanks Ashlee I miss you guys too! We both do! Good luck with the 1200!!!