Saturday, September 5, 2009

Big or Bigger?

Jared and I are in the process of car shopping... for the future. Last time we made a car purchase I ended up regretting it completely. I think it was because I was TRYING to be spontaneous, which I am NO good at. And thats really not an area in life where you should be spontaneous. Anyway....
the car would be for me to drive so I've picked out my favorites (that we can afford haha) Im torn between a new jeep cherokee....and a honda pilot.
I LOVE my jeep cherokee. It is the best car. Perfect amount of room, its so cute and hasnt (knock on wood) broke down on me yet. She is 10 years old, 160K+ miles and still kickin. Plenty of life in her but Im ready for a change.
Then theres the honda pilot. Its something different than what Ive driven, so it might be nice for a change. Its a really good lookin SUV. But the MAIN difference between it and the jeep could be a plus or minus. I cant decide. It has 3rd row seating. Now, right now I have plenty of room in the jeep. BUT we are trying to have a baby so will I really want the extra room that much? I dont want to drive around a bus all day but I dont want to be cramped either.....
HELP! Does anyone have any suggestions? Or heard anything good/bad about either one? If you cant comment on my blog, message me on FB. I need advice.


  1. I remember in Dallas you were SOOO mad at your jeep all summer. Remember when we stalled (or overheated, I don't remember exactly) goig out to Kristy's house warming party? But obviously she's come a long way for you to be saying you LOVE her now! Good for her! =) Personally, I like the jeep better, why? I'm not a fan of he look of the pilot. Both are good cars. Will you need a 3rd row with one baby? No. 2nd I would vote YES! But how long do you want this car for? That's the question. Figure that out, then GO FOR IT MRS. SPONTANIOUS!

  2. It really depends on how many kids you guys are planning on having and how long you plan on having the new vehicle. If you want to have more than 2 kids then I would say get the 3rd row seat. Trying to have 3 carseats on one row is do-able but squishy. Also, my main concern would be how much room you have for "stuff" - storage room in the back. Because babies come with a LOT of stuff. And if you have more than one it MORE than doubles. You need hauling room.

  3. 3rd row for sure sister....Trust me...I always have something I need back there like grocerys or kids sutff...Trust me you won't regret it. I went and looked at Vans today so I'm thinkin I'll soon be a VAN MOM! OMH.