Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bomb Squad, I'm qualified!

I am so behind on my postings, I know. I just haven't had the motivation to get going again. I do have pictures to post and will get to that later.

Just wanted to share a quick thought about triplets.... The most stressful time of any day is when you have a baby crying and you are trying to get three babies to sleep. Now if I just had one baby crying it wouldn't be a big issue. I would soothe her and pat her and tell her "its ok, its just time to go to sleep" and then let her have a moment. But when you have two other children in the room trying to go to sleep and ANGRY about it, well then it becomes stressful. Because not only will they NOT go to sleep that way, but they join in on the crying.

Honestly, I compare it to being a member of the bomb squad. You have to be quick, precise and make CORRECT instant decisions. And if you get it wrong KABOOM! All explodes into chaos and destruction. No kidding. Charlotte is into this screaming phase. She doesn't cry; there are no tears. Its just sheer, ear shrieking, claws-down-a-chalkboard screaming. So that wakes up Abigail and Mia and then you have to start ALL over again.
This is definitely a two to three man job. Sometimes it only takes 10 minutes to get everyone down and asleep. Other nights, like last night, it takes an hour. And that, my friends, is the longest hour in the history of the world. It has to be.

Ok Im done ranting. HA! I will have joyful pictures as soon as I muster up the motivation to upload to my computer from the camera..... hopefully soon. For now, its rest time for the mother... thats me.

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