Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Photos of the house

So our home is on the perfect street! I am 4 streets behind the grocery store. I am next door neighbors with an awesome family in our ward. Its not a subdivision, its just one street with completely different houses that are all very nice. My other neighbors are the sweetest little grandparents. Its the nicest, cleanest, safest little area. Im so in love with it! 
Now we are doing our remodeling in phases. Phase 1 is to get it to a point that we can move into. Phase 2 will be what we do while we are there. This house has a sad story really. The original owners actually built the house in the 90s and are now going through a divorce. Its been empty almost two years I think so it was very neglected and in need of updating. Since we got such a steal on the price we figured after all the reno was done, once we get ready to sell in 5-10 years we can make a great profit on it. 
More than that we just love our house and are so anxious to move in and make happy memories there. 

I have a huge beautiful Magnolia tree in the front yard, along with about a dozen more fully grown trees. Love it! The grass is completely dead in the front yard though (the result of being neglected for almost 2 years) so we have quite a bit of landscaping to do.

 I absolutely fell in love with my porch! It is HUGE! Big enough for a table and chairs, big swing, ect. Its completed shaded 90% of the day so it really is just perfection! We are planning on tearing down those pitiful columns and putting in square beefy ones, really up the southern quality of the whole look of the house. 
 Here is the entry way into the home. We are getting all new flooring, paint, ect. But I love the beautiful staircase and you cant tell from the picture but its a 2 story entry way so it will be awesome when Im finished with it!
 Here is the view from the living room into the kitchen. I love all the windows and lighting. The kitchen is being COMPLETELY overhauled though. Its completely demolished right now! The fireplace will get a rock front makeover as well. And of course new flooring and paint to boot!
 Here is the back of the house. As you can see its a 3 story home. I mean its a beast of a house! 4000+ square feet! Complete with basement, safe room (for tornadoes), 5 bedrooms, 5 baths, an office, and a sunroom! Insane right!?
And what I promised my girlies! The biggest backyard I could get! The house sits on a full acre and I am so stoked about it. We will do a firepit/outdoor kitchen eventually. Also a TOTALLY awesome "club house" is in the planning stages now for a Christmas 2015 present. The grass is dead back here as well as are a tree or two. SO much to do!

We really got a project on our hands but we totally fell in love with this house once we saw it and I have no regrets at all. If all goes to plan we should be able to move in the end of October so my fingers and toes are crossed! More pics to come soon!

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