Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Effects children, the elderly, and ASHLEE!

I just have to say how tired I am of being sick all the time. Growing up, if there was a sickness going around, I got it first. And it seems that children are usually the culprit. When I get around my niece and nephews, if they are sick or have been in the last month guess who gets it? Yep me! I even got Hand Foot and Mouth from my nephew when he was a baby. I looked on the internet about what it was and who it affected..... children under the age of like 4 and elderly. And apparently ME! a 20 year old woman, at the time. Crazy? 
Right now Im coughing my lungs up and my voice is completely gone from this coughing because of, yep you guessed it, another germ carrying kid. My boss's little girl came to my computer desk and coughed and sneezed all over it for about 15 mins. As soon as she left, i wiped it down as clean as I could and washed my hands TWICE! Still got sick. 
The one and only day I decided to substitute teach, I was assigned to the 2nd grade. A little girl comes up to me at recess feeling sick, I sent her to the nurse. Turns out she had the flu. Guess who got it? Yep! Me! And I was only there that day for FOUR HOURS!
I have the immune system of a four year old or a 90 year old. However you want to look at it..... Good Grief.


  1. Oh Ashlee, that's no fun. I hope you feel better soon. And it just goes to show that children should be avoided at all costs, right? ;-)

  2. AWW! That's so sad yet sadly funny! I feel bad for you and at the same time I'm wondering HOW IN THE WORLD THAT HAPPENS!! Stay away from SICK PEOPLE!

  3. I am sorry your sick that stinks. I remember every summer growing up my family would take a vacation to Utah to visit our relatives, and I would get sick. So I in the some way understand. I hope you get better.

  4. Thanks girls! And for those of you with kiddos.... keep on keepin em clean! hehe we ALL appreciate it!

  5. Sorry you're sick. That sucks.