Friday, May 15, 2009

It takes a village.

Ok gang. Here's the deal. I have to loose 20 pounds by the end up September. Jared and I really want to start trying to have a baby at the end of our summer sales but I am actually considered "overweight" right now. According to my BMI that is. Most of you know I have thyroid problems and that could get worse when I get pregnant. I just want to be in the best health I can be before I get pregnant. And that means losing weight.
Now Ive already altered my eating habits ALOT. I only eat out on Saturday nights with Jared and Im eating so many more fruits. I havent had a Diet Coke in over two weeks (HELP!) and I need to up my veggie intake. I hate veggies. Now I just need to get my big butt to the gym. My mom and I made a deal with each other that we would owe each other 1 dollar for every day we miss going to the gym. Except we get one day a week off. So if I miss two or more days a week of working out, I gotta cough up a buck for each day. hehehe 
Im posting this information, not because I like announcing to my friends and family how fat I am, but because I need accountability. Keep me in line guys. Make sure im doing what I need to do. All of you who are waiting for me to get pregnant, this is what its gonna take. 20 pounds. So, help me friends! 


  1. GOOO ASHLEE!!! Be my INSPIRATION!!! You can do it. You'd be surprised at how much just going to the gym and putting in 35+ min of cardio and also lifting some weights will do for you! That money idea is great, maybe I should do that too to motivate me to workout. I'm strugglin there! And if it means anything to you, I'd never look at you and say you were 20 lbs overweight let alone overweight period! You'll do great! I like the "Best Life" book by Bob Green (Oprah's man...even though you don't like Oprah) because it's just a way to show you how to adjust your lifestyle and not an unreasonable diet that you won't be able to stick to forever. Check it out! GOOD LUCK! YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. I need to lose weight too. We can do it together!

  3. You can do it! Can't wait to be an auntie so I'm on bored to help anyway I can! You know this girly.

  4. I am so excited for you guys to have little Toones running around, so gooooo girl you can do it! I just barely told Tyler I wanted to start working out everyday and eating better too, so I could have more energy for the little one. I totally understand!