Friday, May 1, 2009

summer sales yet again

Well we are officially in D.C. and have started up another summer of sales. We have unpacked but havent gotten cable or internet yet. Im at work right now on their computer. We got here on Tuesday night. The first time I had to drive by myself, I got lost. It was terrifying.
Im having a hard time adjusting. Never seeing Jared, being alone, no friends no family in freakin D.C.... the summer is always hard for me which sucks cause I USED to love the summer. Im really homesick for my family and I hate being in this huge strange city. Im too scared to see the sights alone so Im pretty much at home after work until jared gets home. And since I dont have cable Im just watching DVDs on our laptop. The only other "wife" here is only 21 AND a newlywed (which can just get on my nerves with the "Oh Darling Honey" junk)... we just have nothing in common. (I miss Karlee SO much).
Ok I will stop bringing everyone else down too with this post... Jared, of course, is stoked. He has already sold quite a few for just the two days he has been working.
I want to make plans and house hunt for AFTER the summer but we dont know where we will be going. Its just been really hard for me. Im just being a baby I guess.... Im in a funk.


  1. Oh! Oh! I know, I know! I could come visit you and then you will have someone to go and play with! he he he

  2. You can come visit ANYTIME!!! ANYtime!

  3. Sorry it's no fun. I lived not too far from DC but moved back to Nebraska in December. Sorry. I hope some new opportunities turn up for you there.

  4. Okay, THANK YOU FOR MY SHOUT OUT!!! I MISS YOU TOO!!! I hang with a few of the wives here but it's not "ASHLEE" fun! And what's this about how you don't know where you'll be yet? Is there a chance you'll not being moving alabama? Please fill me in!!

  5. P.S. Maybe since Jared is selling well that means your going to make those BIG BUCKS you told jared he has to make to start his franchise!