Thursday, November 4, 2010


Every morning while the girls take their morning nap I like to read a random chapter out of the Book of Mormon or Doctrine and Covenants. It helps me set the tone for the day, ya know. And yesterday I thought I would start posting a scripture of the day on here. This way I would be sure not to skip a morning of scripture reading. Kinda holds me accountable so to speak.

I cant believe its already November. This time last year I got pregnant. Seems to have gone by very fast. It still blows my mind that I have three children. They are just such a joy, even with they aren't being.... lets say, joyful. haha

Believe it or not Jared still hasn't been able to get a job with the government or a contractor out here. So looks like Im doomed to be a summer sales wife yet again this coming year. Joy of joys. Not sure how we will be working that out.... Im still praying for a miracle, though my expectations are much lower than they were a year ago.

**Attention all parents of younger children** I apologize in advance. Jared and I have decided NOT to do the Santa Clause bit with our kiddos. Jared doesn't feel right about "lying" to the girls. But I feel like too much of an emphasize is on Santa (this fictional character who is WAY over commercialized) and not enough on Christ- the entire reason for the celebration. I know I just got a ton of gasps from parents all over the world-"I can't believe she's not doing Santa Clause! Those poor kids!" Well hopefully this will rest your weary minds and hearts. We are still doing the presents... Still doing the tree... still doing stockings and candy and songs ect, ect, ect. On Christmas morning there will be presents laid out for my sweet girls. The ONLY difference is it will say "From: Mom and Dad" and not "From: Santa." This way we can focus our attention and energy on stories of Christ and service to other families. And keep our energy away from writing a note to Santa Clause begging and pleading for all of the useless toys they want, explaining how good they've been all year just for a toy. They need to be good because it makes Jesus happy, not Santa.
So anyway, if that explaination doesn't set your hearts and minds at ease then.... tough. HA! They're our kids and this is how we choose to raise them. **Anyway, back to my apology. I will try my very best to explain to the kids that other families play games with their kids about Santa Clause and we mustn't ruin the game for them by telling the secret. I will do EVERYTHING in my power from keeping one of my kids for ruining Christmas for one of yours. HOWEVER, it will inevitably happen and for that, I apologize sincerely in advance.
(*Please don't keep your kids from playing with my kids because your afraid they will let the cat out of the bag*) I mean seriously, I didn't get to believe in Santa very long and I turned out ok. My sis is 4 years older than me so she let me in on the "secret" pretty early on.

Anyway, Im sure MANY of you wonderful moms still disagree with me completely. But again... tough. TeeHeeHee I hope you still love me anyway!


  1. Hey you gotta do what you gotta do. I love your thinking and definitely agree that that's what Christmas really should be about. Where did the Santa Clause thing come from anyway? Still, there's the little part of me that believed in Santa Clause that thinks "no Santa? Aww sad." But I do think that it's a good thing you're doing.

  2. I've got a couple of problems with this and yes, I'm going anonymous to spare our friendship. :)

    By not telling your kids about Santa, you are in a sense, tell them to lie about it. Kids talk. They want to know what Santa brought their friends on Christmas morning. What are your girls going to say when they get asked (and they will) "what did Santa get you?" Are they going to say, "Santa doesn't come to our house." If so, that will spark LOTS of questions and in order to keep the Santa secret, they'll have to lie. Plus, if you go the no Santa route, you have to do the same for the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and all other fable characters.

    While I think that Christmas is over commercialized, I also think it's silly to only celebrate Christ's birth at Christmas. EVERY day should be focused on the miracle of the Savior. Not just in December (which isn't even the month he was born in anyway if you want to get really technical, so in essence you're lying to your kids saying he was born then.)There are millions of families that have kept the old European tradition of Santa alive while keeping in line with their Christian roots.

    I don't know, I just think it's going to complicate their lives more than help. If they do tell, the kids will hate them and if they don't, they'll end up lying to them. Kinda puts them in between a rock and a hard place.

    But, they're your kids and you parent them how you want. Again, I'm not saying who I am because I'd rather not have you be upset with me. Call me a Santa-loving-chicken, but it's the truth. ;)

  3. Wow "friend!" We must not be very close if you think you have to hide your identity to keep our friendship.
    Thanks for the input.

  4. Don't sweat it. Your little ones will be just fine without having the Santa thing. It's not called "Santamas" anyway... lol

    Santa wasn't a front and center character around our house either. We had plays and songs and nativity sets all during the Christmas season that reminded us of the happiness and joy of the Savior coming to earth.

    And we tried extremely hard to remind our kiddos that the Baby Jesus didn't get a boatload of loot, but instead what was needful.

    We tried to stick to the "three gifts from the wisemen" idea that a big present, a medium present and a little present was sufficient.

    Santa to me was just someone who was a friend of my parents that was nice and gave out peppermint candy canes. :-)

  5. Having 2 kiddos myself iv really never thought about NOT doing Santa, but what you have to say about it makes lots of sense! I just assumed one day we would sit the boys down & explain it to them & how it really all works. I am sure you & your husband have thought about it, but I would tell them the real story of how it all came to be as soon as they are old enough to understand. Maybe you could even start a new tradition for your family. Giving is the gift that keeps on giving, not receiving! I think lots of kids these days forget that. Again, I have really enjoyed keeping up w/ you & your family.

  6. I love this post, because I feel the exact same way! My oldest is going to be 5 soon, and she knows that its not Santa that is bringing the gifts, but Christmas. Its really sad to me that the world has made it so if I want to teach my children truth, you have to be careful around other people because of trend and false tradition. We still do all the traditional stuff too when it comes to giving and stockings and christmas cheer, but we focus more on Christ and why the holiday is symbolic. I am sure when the moments arise where they have conflict about not celebrating Santa that it will all work out just fine, because you are taking the time to teach them. Besides I think it will take them a long time before they share that they don't celebrate Santa and by then other children will be old enough to understand the pretending part too, and they will be old enough to understand not to say anything to younger believers. There is no reason it still can't be magical to them though. :)Just because others believe a certain way, doesn't mean you have to too :)
    Just something that I have figured out along with this for my own kids, is while I teach them the principles of the gospel part of Christmas, I also make them aware of what others do traditionally. I let them know who Santa is and that he is pretend, but its also fun to pretend. St. Nick was a real person, and his story is about giving just like Christs, so I like to teach that Santa "taught" (key word) what Christ teaches too. Imagination is very important to keep a child young, but knowing its pretend is important too. I am so glad I am not the only one that feels this way. Thank you for your post! I grew up believing in Santa until I was 6, and then I kind of figured it out, and then I was told by mom and reminded to still pretend for others. I still enjoyed Christmas quite a bit both ways, but as I grew older Christ became more important to me, and still is.
    You are wonderful parents either way, and your children will love you for making Christ important in their lives. :)

  7. Okay, I told you I would state my opinion and so I will! (Love you funderburg);)

    Yes, the world definitely DOES seem to put a strong emphasis on Santa over Christ. As parents, it IS our responsibility to teach them about Christ and the TRUE meaning for the season. I guess I feel that if we DO focus on Christ then Santa won't out shine the real reason for the season. I feel that Santa is something fun and magical to add to that time of year. Its allowing kids to use their imaginiation. I don't neccessarily look at it as "lying." I never felt that my parents were big liars when I found out about Santa not being real. I just remember feeling like "Oh okay that makes sense!" For me it was something I LOVED about Christmas and looked forward to as a kid for a few years. I'm not scarred or anything like that from it and I definitely don't feel like I never understood the TRUE meaning of Christmas every year. So, I guess that's me.