Sunday, September 11, 2011

2 weeks of HECK!

This has been an intense and crazy and hectic 2 or so weeks. So time for some major catching up! Two days after my last post, my mother in law came to visit for a week. We so enjoyed having her here to play and get reacquainted with the girls. For some reason I dont think I got one picture of her visit. I remember Lisa taking tons of pictures so I think in my head I thought, Oh good, pictures are being taken. But after reviewing MY photos, zero. Whoops. Sorry! I'll do better next time.

I didnt take this picture but Cindy is actually in it! haha The girls LOVE watching Music and Spoken Word. They are so cute.

About a day and a half after Cindy left, my mom and dad drove into town! My dad has been stationed in Iraq this year and I hadn't seen him since about April. He is only here for a couple of weeks and then goes back. So he and my mom drove out to see us and my sister and her family. I was SO excited to have them here! We went to the Children's Museum in Houston and took the girls swimming for the first time. I got a few pictures and videos. I miss my family so much..... I just loved having them here.

My daddy feeding the girls.

Mimi and Poppy loving on the girls!

We took the girls swimming. Here they are in their SO CUTE bikinis. They actually liked the water even though it was freezing! Of course its 110 degrees for months but when we try to take the girls to the pool, its windy and overcast and chilly. HA! We didnt stay in long because they were cold and shivering. But they laughed and splashed too. It was so cute! Here is Abbi on the left and Mia on the right.
Mia above

Charlotte below
Abbi wrapped up. Keep me warm daddy!
Mia and Mimi trying to get warm.

After my parents left (on Sunday) we had a couple of days to regroup and get ready for our next guest, Chris! Jareds brother has been living in Saudi Arabia for the last year and was coming to visit on that Wednesday. I cleaned everything I could and got ready for the next round.

However, Tuesday morning started out rocky. I heard some noises in the girls room about 730, as usual. So i got up, got ready, made breakfast for the girls and then around 8 went into the girls' room to get them. As soon as I walked in I was hit with the most AWFUL STENCH. It made me gag it hit me so hard. I thought someone had pooped through their clothes or something. I turned on the light and Abbi sits up and I see the most vomit I have ever seen from a baby. Its all over her crib. EVERYWHERE! That sweet baby looks at me and I say "Abbi what happened, Angel?" And she starts doing the sign for "bath." I couldve thrown myself out the window. I felt so awful for letting her sit in that for WHO KNOWS HOW LONG! I grabbed her up and immediately bathe her. Poor thing. Broke my heart. The rest of the day went fairly normal. Abbi acted kind of tired but not sickly. I laid the girls down for bed around 7 that night and I took a shower cause I smelled like vomit from that morning.... I was in the middle of drying my hair when I hear a baby crying, Mia. Jared went in to check on her and I heard on the monitor "Ashlee, get in here, she threw up." Poor Mia was in a panic! She had vomit up her nose, in her hair, ALL in her crib, the floor, just everywhere. I got her in the bath as quick as possible. Charlotte and Abbi are freaking out cause its like 830 and the lights are on and so much is going on. I cleaned up the vomit (so much for MY shower) and Mia while Jared and Lisa kept the other two calm. We put everyone back in their cribs, turned out the lights and thought that was over.

Charlotte started getting fussy a few minutes after we laid everyone down again. Not crying just whining. After about 5-10 minutes of that, Jared went back in there to just get her to settle down. We thought. He came in our bedroom with Charlotte COVERED in vomit. AGH!!! So into the tub she goes. As Im bathing her, Jared says "Mia just threw up again!" Not 30 seconds later Lisa says "Awe Abbi just threw up a TON!" Are you kidding me?!! Babies are screaming, Jared is gagging, the nursery smells like.... hell. Thats the only word I know that can describe it. I am panicking. So I finish up Charlottes bath and start dressing her, she vomits again. Crap. So I ditch the bathing idea. We will just wait till morning and they stop vomiting. Clean pjs are a must though. This routine goes on for hours. I call the doctor around 1100 that night. Lisa, Jared and myself are all downstairs on the couch watching Music and the Spoken Word over and over with a roll of paper towels waiting for the next vomit spew. The girls are exhausted and throwing up flem and stomach acid at this point. I am drained. I am in such a panic. Theres about a five minute break between each vomit episode. The doctor said to just hydrate them as much as possible and let them sleep. We decided to call Kent, our boss who luckily lives 3 doors down, to give the girls a blessing with Jared. Abbi FINALLY stops around midnight and Lisa lays her down. I stay up with Mia until about 130 and lay her down. Charlotte keeps going until about 3 when Jared lays her down. Ive done about 5 loads of vomit laundry, cleaned the nursery 3 times, sprayed half a bottle of febreeze everywhere. Exhausted isnt even the word for it.... Its physical and emotional. Desperation. Thats a better one.

No time to regroup however, at 345 am I wake up and RUN to the toilet just in time to throw everything I have up. About twice an hour. That went on until 1130 that morning. I couldnt even get out of bed to help with the girls. Jared was starting to get sick himself, not throwing up but coughing, ect. If Lisa hadnt been here.... I cant even think about it. Jared was taking care of me, Lisa and Jared took care of the girls. And Chris was landing that afternoon. We had to pay to have a taxi drive out to get him. It was just insane. Luckily, after Chris got here he was able to help Lisa and Jared got some rest with me. The girls didnt throw up crazy anymore, we limited their diet and they didnt want much. Anyway, we made it through it. It was just such an awful night. It took them a good week to get over it and back to normal. I was better in 24 hours, thankfully.

After that Chris stayed until Friday and we are still just recovering from the illness and guests, ect. We loved having all our family here but grateful for the break to clean up again and rest up. I have pictures and videos to post and also fun stuff about the girls. They are learning and growing so much lately. I will post all that later too! This was just to catch everyone up on the last couple weeks. Sorry it got so long.

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