Thursday, September 22, 2011


Oh Charli. Charlotte still seems to be my biggest handful. Thats okay I guess cause she isnt a terror or anything. She is still the most independent one. I sometimes have to actively engage her to play with everyone. She is totally fine entertaining herself though. She knows a few signs. Daddy, please, eat, more and bath.

She is my best walker. She started first and has really caught on. She hardly ever falls now. She loves the "thinker" toys, I call them. The ball that you put the shapes through the matching holes, the stick you put the rings on. She loves playing with the toys that she can totally concentrate on. Its so awesome watching her master those challenges. She will look up when shes done like "did you see me mom!?" I give her tons of praise and kisses and she just loves it.

She has found a little "fort" inside my coffee table. She loves to climb in and look around. I think she loves it cause only one baby can fit in there and its a little getaway. Shes my little instigator. She will pick up a toy and walk up to my glass top coffee table and look at me like "im fixin to do something bad!" (Like bang on the top). I look at her and say "Think it through Charli. I'll take away that toy!" And she laughs and she proceeds to bang on the coffee table. Stink. I take the toy away as promised and she throws her head back and grunts. It would be funny if she wasnt intentionally disobeying me.

She still wakes up during the night sometimes. Mostly she will stop crying after a minute but lately she goes for a while until I go up there and "tuck her in." I wonder if she isnt having nightmares or something. hmmm... She loves to be rocked. She loves that one on one attention so much. And I just love to get it to her. She will bring a book to you to read to her and climb in your lap and turn the pages for you. But during the group reading time she wont stay in her bumbo but for a few minutes until she is ready for something else.

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  1. I love the posts on each girl. Each one is so beautiful, unique and priceless. Thank you for allowing so many of us to be included in their lives. It's a blessing and honor to have you in our family. Love, mom and dad Toone