Wednesday, September 21, 2011


She is taking the longest to walk. She will walk a few feet from one person to another but crawls everywhere else. But she loves when you walk with her and hold her hands. She looks up at you and laughs. She loves to play patty cake, but mainly cause at the end when we "throw them in the pan" I tickle her. She laughs and laughs. Her smile is the most beautiful. She has the most precious little dimples on both sides of her mouth.

She is such a chatter box too. She will "talk" for several minutes to someone. She is so funny. She will move her mouth like she's really making words come out. Sometimes she moves her mouth without even making sounds. So it looks pretty hilarious. She's the best sleeper of the three. Shes out first and wakes up last 95% of the time. She LOVES getting in the car and going somewhere. When I walk outside with her and open the truck door she just SQUEALS!

She's also the main biter of the bunch. Thankfully she has cut back quite a bit but still if someone has bite marks on their arm, its pretty much from Mia. She also loves her baby einstein movies. She especially loves the songs and music. She will sway her hips and dance along. She even cried for quite a while after the Ol McDonald song was over. She loves to have her picture taken. But she doesn't realize yet that you don't need to be RIGHT IN the camera. HA!

She wants to be the center of your attention. She will crawl into your lap and look you right into the eyes. She wants 100% of your attention and doesn't take kindly to the other two trying to take any of it. Its not all the time, but when she wants your attention, she wants it now. She knows a good bit of signing. She can sign daddy, mommy, eat, more, bath and milk. Of the three she likes to play alone the least. She wants someone to play with her or she starts playing with one of her sisters toys just to get in on the fun.

She loves hugs and reading her books. She is such a mommy figure too. She loves to rock her babies and take care of them. She loves to push her stroller and give kisses. Im still trying to get her to try to build towers or play with shapes but she'd rather just play patty cake or something. And thats ok with me. I love it too!

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