Wednesday, September 21, 2011


She blows my mind more and more everyday at how smart she is. She has really picked up sign language, more than the other two girls. She can sign mama, daddy, please, bath, eat, more, hurt, bed, sleep, and milk. She knows where just about every body part is. She is walking around like crazy. She loves to be cuddled and snuggled. She loves to "love her sisters." When I say "Awe, love your sisters" they all will lean into one another and hug each other and give kisses. It is the MOST PRECIOUS THING. Mimi taught them how to do that and Im so glad they still love doing it.

Abbi loves to watch her baby einstein videos. She watches them more intently than the other two and I know she is learning so much each time. I just love watching her watch the movies. She gets so excited when she sees something she recognizes and gets so intense when she's learning a new concept. She also enjoys her story time more than the other two as well. The others will try to escape their bumbos after a few stories but Abbi always just sits and waits for the next book. She just loves being read to. She's like a sponge and she really takes every advantage she can to learn something. Its amazing to watch. Also, she lets me fold her arms during prayer for the entire time. The others will let me for about halfway through but Abbi does it the entire prayer.

She loves her "T." In the girls' play room I have the puzzle mat pieces with the alphabet in them. As soon as I put her down she walks right over and picks her up T every time. She carries it around everywhere she goes. Its hilarious. This morning Charlotte sat next to Abbi, took her T and crawled off. Instead of throwing a fit, Abbi grabbed the "L" and crawled over to Charlotte, laid down the L and grabbed her T, then took off. Charlotte looked around after being mugged and then just grabbed the L like Ok, whatever. BAHAHA It was awesome! So very diplomatic of her. She out smarted them. She is such a happy baby. She hardly ever fusses about anything. Ever. Abbi also loves to dance. She has some pretty good moves too. I dont know where she picks them up. She will move one shoulder up and down. bahaha its hilarious. She'll sway her hips and puts a little Omph in it. So funny.

And is a daddy's girl to boot. She gets so excited every time Jared comes home or when he walks into the room. When he's at work she will just be walking around the living room signing "Daddy." This morning I went to give her a kiss as I was getting them up for breakfast and when I leaned down instead of kissing me she starts signing for daddy. How do you like that?! HA! I love it. I know I sure was a daddy's girl so good for her. Its precious.

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