Tuesday, December 11, 2012

"Kissmas Yights!"

The day after Thanksgiving, Karlee invited our family to go with theirs to College Station to see the Christmas Lights. The girls were SUPER excited! It was a bit chilly but we bundled them up and they had a blast.

  Its one of those drive through kind of places but since we drove up in two cars we had to park one of them pretty far away. So Karlee's crew piled up in our truck bed while we drove in and the girls were just too excited to contain themselves! HA! They love Karlee and her sweet boys.

 Daddy holding Abbi (who actually spent the majority of the time in Karlee's lap!

 Mommy holding Charli (who actually spent the majority of the time jumping up and down)!

 Poor Karlee is always put to work when my girls are around. They just love her so much.

 My gorgeous little bean.

 My gorgeous Mia Bia.

 We had a full truck with five kids, two moms, one daddy, and a Mimi (Karlee's mom). Kent and grandpa were driving the truck.

 Abbi hung out with Karlee and LOVED these lights.

Mia stopping for daddy to pose.

We had such a good time. However, it was a long drive up there and back and we were so late in getting home the girls actually missed their baths. It was straight to bed for these sleepy girls and that has NEVER happened before. Karlee sees that as a good thing as she is constantly trying to get me out of my shell! HA! Love her for that. Thanks for letting us come along! The girls still talk about all those "Kissmas Yights!"


  1. So fun! We love stalking your blog and can never get enough of it!

  2. SO glad y'all came! Sorry it was a later than usual night but I'm VERY happy to have those little girls come be a part of it all! And I'm SUPER proud of you for going along with it.;) Look at all these memories you and your little fam is making!