Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Toone Fun!

We were blessed to have Jared's parents come into town for a few days and boy did we enjoy them! The girls just LOVED having so much attention on them and having new fun things to do. We went to the park everyday and the Bounce House and out to dinner and so many other fun things. 

 Charli woke up from her nap much earlier than the other two so she actually got one on one time with the grandparents. Lucky girl!

 Building a tower with grandpa.

 The other two soon followed and we proceeded to enjoy the company!

 Grandma got to read to Charli, one of bean's FAVORITE things to do!

 Grandpa got to snuggle Abbi and play with "Woody and Cowgirl" from Toy Story. The girl is obsessed! 

 He also got to read to Mia. 

 Abbi is such a funny kid. HA!

We really loved having them here and wish we lived closer! They left just in time to miss the brief cold front we had the next day. It was super cloudy that day, which I read is the best condition to take pictures so I took advantage of it and got some good ones.

 My three angels. I adore these girls and all the hardships and snuggles they give me!




 Can I just say how much I love Mia and Abbi's beautiful blonde curly hair. Its gorgeous!

 Charli Bean loves my little nativity set I bought for them. She is always carrying around the four animals in her arms and it trips me out.

 Charli is such a ham. Look at her with her crazy hair and legs crossed. Shes such a funny girl.

We made a tent since it was so chilly outside. Isnt it so much more fun to read your books under a tent with blankets and pillows? hmmm YES! HA! It didnt last long since Charli just had to crawl all over the chairs it became a hazard but it was fun while it lasted.

Best of friends. So grateful they have each other and that i have them. 

Now we wait until Christmas for Mimi and Poppy to come in for our next exciting venture. Since thats two very long weeks away I am planning some fun things to keep us patient. If I dont post before Christmas though, Merry Christmas to my loved ones who faithfully keep up with my sweet family. I love you all dearly!

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  1. We so very much loved getting to see our beautiful girls and spend time with them and you two. Thank you so much!! It was a highlight for us. We miss them and you!!