Friday, December 21, 2012


Had to share:

1. I was checking to see if everyone was poopy (I could smell something!) So I pulled the backside of the diaper and took a whiff. Five minutes later I was bending over to pick up toys and Mia pulls the backside of my pants back and takes a whiff. She says "mommy not poopy." Whew! Glad of that! HA!

2. I have the bad habit of staying in sweats/pjs most days because we never go anywhere. So whenever I DO get dressed Mia will tell me "Grocery SHopping!?" Bahaha. Poor child thinks we can only get dressed up to get groceries.... (dont worry, this is a New Year's Resolution for me, ya know to actually get real clothes on. We are all very excited.)

3. Last Sunday I went upstairs to get dressed for church and when I was finished I came downstairs with the girls so Jared could go up and get ready. As soon as Mia sees me she yells "Mommy CUTE!" haha got a fashionista on my hands!

Love that girl, had to share cause I just dont want to forgot funny things like this.

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