Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Okay, sorry this post is sooo belated but like I said, blogger wasn't letting me put any pictures up. So annoying. Anyway, thanks to my sister in law's brilliant idea and my husband's brilliant execution we are back up and running. That being said, here is our Thanksgiving 2012. 

We had a very laid back holiday. We enjoyed every second with Jared being off work. Both our families couldn't be with us this Thanksgiving so it was just us five. Charlotte happened to be under the weather so it worked out that a laid back day was just what we needed.   

 Mia watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. She loved it. 

 Abbi was enthralled as well. HA!

 Poor bean watched the parade too, all snuggled up to daddy (and kangaroo).

 But some fresh air was in order so we went to the park for some fun! It was the perfect weather and no one else was there so it was extra perfect. We had the swings all to ourselves! HA! Abbi loved it!

 As did Mia.

 Abbi climbing the wall.

 Mia swinging like a monkey on top of the slide. Its not as scary as it sounds.

 Even Charlotte got out and about on the slides. She had a good time despite her expression in this photo. HA!

 After naps, ect. we had a coloring activity of a turkey but Charlotte chose not to participate in.

 Abbi so intent.

 Mia checking out moms camera gadgets.

 Charli not feeling good, poor baby.

 Our Thanksgiving Day spread. Nothing too fancy or complicated since it was just our little family. Mashed tators, cranberry sauce (which Charlotte ate almost entirely!), salad, rolls, and a turkey breast.

 And our dessert spread (almost as big as the rest of the meal! HA!) I made banana pudding and carmelitas, and Jared insisted we have pumpkin pie so we let Kroger make that along with an apple pie. By the way, this was the girls' first experience with pie and my oh my did they love pie! HA!

 Before we ate, we went around and said what we were thankful for. I wrote down what the girls were thankful for on little leaves I made and created an Indian headband. HA! Kinda corny but they loved it. Here is Charli! 

 Charli was thankful for her toys, Daddy, and the temple.

 Mia Bia, just ready to eat!

 Mia was thankful for the temple, Jesus, and family.

 Abbi checking out her headband.

 Abigail was thankful for Toy Story, doggies (we also watched the dog show so that's where that came from), and her home.

 Jared feeding the girls the pie. HA! 

I love how most meals end up with Jared and I walking around feeding and cleaning up after the girls constantly. Man oh man, will it be strange when we can all sit down and have a dinner together. HA! One day.... 

Even though neither of our families were able to make it to Houston this year, we are certainly thankful for them and all they do for our family. We are so blessed with wonderful friends and family.

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  1. I love how the girls sat at the table! They are getting so big. We missed you as well. Darn this distance thing.