Saturday, April 25, 2009

Holy Moly

It has been a very long week for us. We have been packing, loading, driving, unloading, separating, washing, organizing..... it doesnt end. My parents have really saved us this week. They helped us drive from utah to alabama and are letting us store all of our stuff here at their house. We are all exhausted. I dont ever want to do that again! ever! But I already feel back in my element being in the south. Its my heart and home. The people here are my family. I belong here. 
Jared and I just want to thank our wonderful friends and family who came to help us move our stuff. I can not express my gratitude enough for that. We love yall and miss yall already, really we do. I will admit that I miss my family and friends, whether I liked Utah or not, it is a part of me too because my family is there too. I will be able to update a little more when we get to D.C. We will leave Tuesday to make that drive up north. Our driving isnt over yet but I wish it were. HAHA Until next time!...... Heres a cartoon of what I feel like right now. hehehe



  1. Well, I remember what that drive was like when we drove with Natalie from Tacoma and OMH it was a long drive and there where several times I told Geoff to find the nearest airport cause this is nuts. Glad yall are safe and Drive Careful to DC

  2. I agree with the whole "you belong in the south" thing! I feel more at home when I'm in TX then being in UT! Funny how you can just feel so out of place up there!! SWEET SOUTHERN COMFORT!! Glad ya'll got everything moved ok! Wish we could've helped ya'll!!!