Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Week 21

This is the fabric I picked out for the crib blankets my in-laws are making for the girls.
Just before bed, the girls were kicking away!
Gettin' bigger and bigger my friends....

Banana anyone? How about 3?! That's how big the girls are this week, the size of a large banana. About 10 ounces in weight and 7 inches long, a piece. And boy are they active! Jared and I were both able to feel them move and kick around on the outside of the belly tonight. It was so cool. Baby C was playing kickball with my ribs. HA! yeah it started getting sore after a little while. Mom felt her do a couple of somersaults but no kicking. It's just so neat to be able to have everyone else feel what's going on in there.

Jared and I were able to go to a Multiples class this weekend. It was a two day class and lasted about 6 hours each day. I was completely exhausted by the end of it but it was an awesome class. We were the only ones with triplets, everyone else had twins and half of those were by infertility treatments. So they flipped when we told them our girls were spontaneous. As informative and educational as the class was, it was probably also the most stressed I've been since I found out we were having three babies. We talked about all the things that can go wrong with pregnancy and the birth and after they are born. The teacher would say "Now, you all probably wont have to worry about this, except y'all [pointing to me and Jared]. With three you will more than likely be dealing with this." I heard that a lot this weekend. Not cool. I wont bore you all with the gory details of all the possible horror stories, because it doesn't even matter. In about three months these girls will be here healthy and safe, whatever it takes.

Jared has been going through the FBI process for the past few months. He takes the second part of his spanish test next thursday, right after my doctors appointment. Then they will contact him in May to let him know if he qualified to take the next step. Its a very lengthy process but he is doing great so far. We are still applying for government jobs around here diligently. We have hit a few hopefuls and a few snags but nothing solid as of yet. Our little family is definitely being tested before these girls get here. Makes sense to test the patience of future parents of triplets though, doesn't it? Making sure we are up for the challenge ahead of us. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of our special circumstance.

So we are all doing great this week. Im getting bigger and so are the girls. My next appointment is April 22, like I said, and I will be doing that diabetes test. My in-laws are going to make the girls crib blankets (so sweet!) so I am mailing them the fabric I picked out. We are busy getting ready for anything and I am busy taking it easy. As long as I stay relaxed and calm, they wont try to make an early break for it. HA! Well thats the theory anyway. Until next week!


  1. ASH! i have been checking your blog for the past two or three days every other hour just WAITING for your next post! i am so intrigued by these girls! the crib bedding is super cute and your belly is getting BIG, FAST! but thats a good thing! that means they are growing and healthy! we love and miss you all!

  2. Thanks for the update! You're looking great! Good luck with everything and don't worry too much about what could happen. Everyone's different. Who knows? Maybe you'll just have the best delivery of anyone! We hope!:)

  3. Hey so maybe your girls are going to be soccer player, ya know, judging by all the kicking going on in there! You're a cute pregnant lady little sister!

  4. We love you and we put all five of you on the prayer role at the temple today. You are looking cute, Sweetie!
    Mom and Dad Toone