Monday, April 26, 2010

Mimi's Poem to her girls

I've been meaning to post this for some time but just kept forgetting. My momma wrote this poem when we found out the triplets were all girls. For those non-southern readers, Mimi is a common "grandma" replacement name we have. My dad is Poppi instead of "grandpa." I wish there were cooler names than mom and dad that Jared and I could take on.... haha all well. Here's the poem. Thanks mom! You're a poet and i didn't know it! (cheesy I know... sorry)


A miracle conception you must believe!
Who gets babies in sets of three?
Handpicked by God most definitely
Were this Mom and Dad, you have to agree.

Sent from up above in a bundle of three
Friends from the start- thru eternity!
Bringing such joy to us you see.
Dad had thought boys most confidently!

But three little girls in bows so pretty

With painted toes and fingers done just by MiMi!
Soon will be arriving to our family
Who will they be? A Mia, Rebecca or Emily?

Nothing can compare to a sweet little girl.
They make this place a much softer world!
But to get THREE!!!!…….I can hardly comprehend!
I wonder if the DRAMA is EVER gonna end!

I sure hope not………….. :-)


  1. Too sweet! Love it! I teared up a little I must admit! The girls will have this forever and they can cherish it forever from their Mimi (that's what Boston calls my mom)!

  2. I love the poem! They sure are going to be friends through eternity!

  3. That's sweet! Love and miss you girl!