Friday, April 23, 2010

Week 22 Part 2

Here is the chair my parents bought for me and the girls. Isn't it freakin' AWESOME!! I love it! It is SO comfortable. I can see myself sleeping in that when Im too fat to get in and out of bed! HA! Thanks mom and dad!!!

I was going to wait until next week's update to post about how the doctors appointment went yesterday but I just cant wait that long to BRAG about how my girls are doing! The entire appointment could NOT have gone better; we are so blessed.

First of all she took my weight and I've gained 8 pounds in three weeks which was really great (HA! Never thought Id say that!) Then she took my blood pressure, which always worries me. Thats the number two cause of pre-term labor or problems and I have high blood pressure in my family. (Dehydration is the number one cause by the way.) Anyway, the nurse said, "Wow! It's perfect!" I was so relieved about that. Then she tested my urine- passed that test too. Then she tested me for diabetes and that also came back great! No gestational diabetes for me! I was relieved.

So I could stop there and it be a great day right. WRONG! It just kept going! My girls each weigh over one pound already! They are a whole week ahead of schedule as far as growth which is phenomenal for multiples. Baby A is 1 pound 5 ounces, baby B is 1 pound 3 ounces and baby C is 1 pound 1 ounce. And the difference between the weights are amazing because there's not that much of a gap. That just means they are all growing at such a close rate. And at 23 weeks, its amazing. The fluid that surrounds each of them is nice and thick. They are moving and kicking like crazy. You can see their stomachs very clearly so the doctor now knows that they are swallowing their amniotic fluid like they are supposed to be doing.

Best of all, (sorry for being somewhat graphic here) my cervix is doing perfectly! The doctor couldn't believe it, she made the technician do a trans-vaginal ultrasound to double check. She even said I might could go PAST the 34 weeks she was originally hoping for! 35 weeks here we come!! So what that means is that so far, those girls have plenty of time to grow bigger and bigger before my body says "CANT...HOLD...THEM...IN...ANY...MORE..." haha

But seriously, Doctor Callison just went on and on about how we were doing better than some of her singleton pregnancies and she was just floored I was doing so well with THREE in there! My next appointment is in three weeks (would have normally gone to every two week appointments at this point) on May 14th. Yesterday just could not have been a better day for a momma growing three babies. Nothing but great news. Im just so humbled Heavenly Father has watched my girls and myself so closely. With only the kidney stones to worry about, this pregnancy has been such a heavenly gift- not that I hope to repeat this scenario in the future! Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts! They are working! Keep 'em up!


  1. The little girls are doing well and the big girl helping them along has a great attitude!! What a blessing to watch the girls growing and developing... :-)

  2. Oh, come on Ashlee! You don't want another set of triplets? You could totally do that.

    Okay, all kidding aside, I'm SO happy that your body is handling the pregnancy so well. And that the girlies are growing so well. You must be a born baby maker! Love ya!!!

  3. Oh Ashlee I'm SOOO glad to hear such GREAT news!! That's amazing!!! I'm SOO excited for you!!! We'll keep praying those girls stay in the oven and keep cookin as long as possible!!

  4. I'm so glad everything is going so great! You didn't need to be scared after all! :) Seriously very happy about this news.

  5. That chair looks so comfortable, I am so jealous!!! And can I just say your prego belly is so cute!!!

  6. We love you and are so grateful that all is going so well. We send alot of prayers your way daily so we're glad to know they're working. We wish we could be there in person to feel those babies and see your cute belly! Thank you so much for keeping us up to date with your pictures. Mom announced in R.S. today that the girls are all over a pound. You're kindof famous - everyone always asks how the triplets are! We love you - all 5! Mom and Dad Toone