Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 20

Sophie keeps me entertained and busy during the day. She went missing for about 15 minutes and when I found her, she was in mom and dads bathroom destroying a brand new roll of toilet paper. She was laying in it like it was a feather bed. I laughed and laughed.
You can kinda see my box fan in this picture. It made its appearance a few days ago. I get so hot at night now that it was a must! I wake up and Jared will be snuggled up to my body pillow so I think I freeze him out sometimes! HA! Sorry babe!

Wow the second trimester is really a saving grace for a pregnant lady. The first few months you are just sick and tired and the last few months you are huge and sick and tired. It's truly a blessing to have an "energized break" in there somewhere. So that's where I am now. Getting bigger, but still just "awe your pregnant" big. The babies are growing beautifully and very active. Starting this week people should be able to feel them move so Jared is very excited about that. The weather is even beautiful and warm, so no more winter thankfully.
If I had to complain about something, which Im trying very hard not to do, it would have to be my ribs. They constantly hurt. I wake up at night and just want to cry because it feels like someone literally took a baseball bat to my rib cage. But its just cause I slept in the same position for more than an hour. I have to keep moving all night. The girls are so active that they make it hard to be comfortable for more than about half an hour. Again, Im grateful they are active, its a great sign they are healthy. So, no complaints really. My pain and discomfort just means my girls are growing so well.
I got the lab results back from my doctor. She didn't think I needed blood work done but I insisted on checking my thyroid since its been a few months since we did it last. So she went ahead and ordered a complete blood count as well to see if I am anemic. I passed both tests. My thyroid is doing so much better than I could have hoped and with the iron I've been taking I am not anemic. All great news!
With Jared starting his new job, he is working a lot. So I am trying to keep busy during the day. I take Sophie for walks down our street. I've been getting the nursery together and trying to find places for things. Now that I am at 20 weeks, I am starting to get curious about the ending. I am so terrified of the C-section that I am literally avoiding all thoughts and stories related (I'm trying to make sure my stress and blood pressure stay down). I only have about 3 months to go at this point and thats if I make it as long as I am hoping I will. It's going by very fast. My family says to me everyday "Oh my heck you are even bigger than yesterday!" So I know that my days are numbered before I have to enter that OR. I got bored today and looked up a story about a lady who had triplets last year. She talked about how miserable she was in her last couple weeks of pregnancy because she was so huge. She talked about her spinal being painful and IVs coming out of everywhere. Even how she got a catheter and cut open. After I read it I could feel my anxiety getting the better of me so I closed the computer and vowed not to read another birthing story! I think its better NOT knowing some things, well in my case anyway. Jared and I are taking a multiples class this weekend. They will take us through the delivery process, the hospital, the NICU, ect. I just hope it helps ease my worries more than freaks me out.
Anyway, I so appreciate all the prayers and gifts that have been given on mine and my girl's behalf. I know we are all doing so well because we have so many family and friends keeping us in Heavenly Father's watchful care. I love you all so much! Until next week!


  1. Ashley,
    I have a little encouraging news for you! I certainly have not had triplets but I have had 2 c-sections and it was not bad! The spinal does not hurt. They give you a shot to numb you before the do the spinal and you never know its even happening and you can ask them to wait to put your catheder in until after you've had your spinal. The recovery was also not that bad. I am so happy that all your girls are doing so well!!

  2. How exciting for you and Jared to see the progress of your little girls! Remember to get a special "delivery" priesthood blessing before your big moment arrives for the girls' delivery and everything will work out the way it needs to do.