Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I just had to write really quickly about how AWESOME the girls are doing!!!! We decided to ditch the 1130 pm feeding and just see how long the girls would sleep. We used to feed them at 1130 pm and then they would wake up around 430-500am for their next feeding. So I was SURE they would be up at 200am or something crazy wanting a bottle. NOPE!! haha We fed them at 900 pm and they slept till 630 am!!!! W-H-A-T!!??
I was worried it would be a fluke but for the last 3 nights they have been fed between 900-1000pm and slept till 600-630am. I am so happy! Jared is still sleeping on the couch though to listen for them at night so that is our next goal. To get Jared back in bed with me! Im not sure if the monitors reach that far into our room so we might have to get creative. But Im so excited the girls are doing so well! And they sleep more restful during the day as well since they get such a great nights sleep. Everything is going so great.
I am so in love with these girls. They are laughing and giggling all the time (so I guess we are doing this parenting thing pretty good!). haha its very exciting! Ok I gotta go.... someone is ready for a bottle.


  1. YAY!! Remember thats what I said about my boys...the earlier I gave them their last feeding and put them to bed...the later they would sleep. Sleep begets more sleep!! WOOHOO!! Aaron was on an 8pm - 8am sleep schedule around 5-6 months old...hopefully your girls will too!!

    I'm not on fb anymore, so it's good to keep up with you on here :)

  2. I'm so glad the girls are sleeping for you! I'm sure the moniter will work in your bedroom. I used to take mine outside with me when the boys slept. I can't wait to come see you guys!!!