Thursday, October 21, 2010

Oh dear

So we took a little adventure yesterday to the Madison Mall. I wanted to get the girls' ear pierced. We loaded in the car after their 300 feeding and heading out. We went to Claire's and I picked out the earrings I wanted. I grabbed Mia and sat down in the chair with her and the lady said her ear lobes were too small! haha What? I looked at them and sure enough they were barely even there. haha So we loaded back up in the car and came home. So I guess we will discuss it in a few months but we might decide to wait until they are a few years old to do it. We shall see.

I regret my decision to stop pumping. Oh what a stupid decision. If I could go back I would..... I think. My girls are SO constipated its miserable for them. I am giving them some apple juice every other day to help out but that gives them cramps and gas. They spit up the formula so much more now that there isn't any breast milk in it. Yes, I regret it. agh so much. Every time they scream from being constipated I just want to cry.....


  1. dang! i'm super sad about not being able to pierce their ears! how was the outting with THREE babies? i'm sure it was super fun :)

  2. warm, diluted prune juice works well for bambino's on formula --- keeps things moving along relatively well.

    and you can also do directional belly massage on the girls to help, too.