Thursday, July 21, 2011


I just had to post about the AMAZING day the girls, Lisa and I have had! The last 48 hours have been so fantastic. They slept so great last night. I laid them down at 7 and didn't have to go in there all night long. They woke up at 715 happy baby girls. Charlotte and Abbi have been waking up around 530 or 6 every morning lately so that was such treat for Jared and myself. And then today! My goodness. They had such wonderful naps (yes we went back to two naps a day). They slept from 10-1145 this morning! And I didn't have to go in the nursery once! (usually Im in there rocking someone back to sleep from 1030 until everyone else wakes up.) And then again at 220 until about 4. And I didn't have to go in there once. Amazing. I cant remember the last time they did so well. And because they were so well rested they were just happy energetic babies. Such a treat. OH MY GOODNESS! I just LOVE these girls so much. I could just eat them up. I got lots of kisses and snuggles today. My life is so very blessed with beautiful perfect angels.

Also, I started putting whole milk in their bottles yesterday. Well 3 ounces each of that and formula. The girls don't even seem to have noticed. HA! So thats good.

And finally I have to share this video and two pictures. The pictures are of Mia and her crazy funny hair. Its getting so long lately that is just flips out. Anyone seen "That Girl"? Its totally what it reminds me of. So cute. And the video is of Abbi. Lisa and I had music playing on the tv during playtime and Abbi stood up in front and started dancing. It was hilarious. Luckily I got a sneak peak on video. ENJOY!!


  1. I love it! Also love the bathtub video! Keep them coming. Momma Toone

  2. She has some super cute dance moves I love it!