Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mimi and birthdays

Mimi came to visit! I was telling the girls all day "Mimi's coming! Mimi's coming!" They were SO excited when they saw her too! They recognized her and just got all excited. Just precious. She flew in on the 30th and left today (5th). We all had a blast with her here. I was so sad when she left....

Also, the girls had their 1st birthday party!! We decided to do it on the 4th since Jared was off work the whole day and it was only 2 days before their actual birthday, which is really tomorrow. It was a such fun day! We had a pink/green/white color scheme. Very pretty. My mom bought the girls super yummy chocolate cupcakes from an amazing bakery in town for their birthday cake. My sister and her whole family drove up from Austin so we had a house full. Mimi, Aunt Lisa, Aunt Ran, Uncle Geoff, Natalie, Nathan, Nicholas, and our family. I just LOVED having my family there. (We so missed you poppy! and the Toones of course).

We started our party off with cupcakes first. HA! The girls usually get a snack after they wake up from their morning nap at 1130. So we decided to let the cupcakes be their snack. It was hilarious! After we sang Happy Birthday and blew out their candles we let them just dig in. They were all timid at first but when they realized how yummy it was... whoa! Chocolate was EVERYWHERE... literally. Im still finding chocolate in random places. So it was off to the tub AS SOON AS they were done eating. It quickly became a chocolate bath. We cleaned everything up (babies included) and ate some grilled burgers and hot links. Then it was present time! The girls got some seriously great loot. Aunt Ran got them an awesome blow up panda that is like a punching bag, seriously a ton of fun. Also she got a pop up thingy (hard to explain) and a jack in the box. Mimi got the girls SUPER cute clothes including pjs, their first pair of sandals, a book each, a dvd each, AND the DVD player that saved our lives on the trip up here. Grandma and Grandpa Toone got the girls a baby doll, a toy cell phone, a toy old fashioned phone that you drag and money. Mommy and daddy got the girls 2 more baby dolls and a book called " Head to Toe". LOVE THAT BOOK!

After presents it was time for a nap. The rest of us played games and watched movies until they woke up and then played with the birthday girls and their new toys. It was a perfect day. The girls so enjoyed seeing their cousins. It was a great memory. It was sadder than I thought it would be to "let" them turn one. I can't believe we survived and surpassed their first year. It went by so fast. Im so blessed. The pictures are next!

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