Monday, August 8, 2011

Oh my heck

I am EXHAUSTED! Oh my goodness... Im not sleepy I just feel like I've ran a marathon. Let me explain.

Today is the first day we went without bottles. I was so excited/nervous and a little sad surprisingly. I got up this morning and made the girls yummy oatmeal (the real kind, not the instant) with a pear puree and scrambled eggs and sippy cups of milk. They loved it. Eggs all over the floor and chairs. Then for lunch we had ham, cheese, bread, banana, gerber puffs, more sippy cups of milk and water. Ham everywhere. Spilt milk on the floor. Then for dinner I made a rookie mistake. I made pasta and coated them in marinara sauce and sprinkled with cheese. Sounds yummy right? MARINARA SAUCE EVERYWHERE... pasta everywhere. They wouldn't even eat the pasta, just suck off the sauce and throw the noodles. So I made a grilled cheese (cause sauce WASNT going to fill them up.) Charli doesn't like grilled cheese and that went everywhere. So thats 3 times I was cleaning up the girls, the kitchen, the floors. Three mop times. Three sweep ups. Three booster chairs to clean up three times. Oh my heck. Is this what it will be like everyday?! Cause if so I WILL TAKE THE BOTTLES PLEASE! I've been cleaning all day it seems and it stinks!

But the girls did ok with it really. Before bed I gave them some rice cereal with a 3 ounce bottle to make sure they were full and Abigail had a hard time understanding where the rest of her milk was. She was pretty upset there wasn't more. But hopefully she will adjust soon. Anyway Day 1 of Operation no bottles went well.... but i'm seriously considering hiring a maid.... Not really but wouldn't that be HEAVEN!

Videos to Enjoy. The girls were very happy today.

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