Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trying to get caught up

I have been so busy lately. The girls had a pretty crazy reaction to the MMRV shots they got. We had fever and red dotted rash and very cranky sick girls. Also, I gave a talk in church today and so I was preparing for that during my free time. Also, my mom came into town for a few days! It was so awesome. I so love being with my family. I just hated her not staying longer (or forever!) ha. Plus, my sister dropped by for a couple of hours yesterday on her way to Galveston to set sail on a cruise (jealous... yes!). Also, my anniversary is coming up on Friday AND my mother in law is coming for a visit on Tuesday so lots to still do. Anyway, thats whats been going on and why i have neglected my blog this week.
I do have lots of pictures to post so that should make up for it.

Looking for her belly button
Cool clapping photo


Aunt Lisa and Mia
Plaid girls Charlotte, Mia, Abigail

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