Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Almost 18 Already?

I just can't believe the girls are almost 18 months! January 6th is the big day. I know I keep saying that it goes by super fast, but its true. It really does. Its almost like I dont have time to be sad about them growing up, its so fast. I said ALMOST.

I have been catching up with photos and videos lately so I've neglected to blog about the girls new tricks and advancements. First of all, our signing is going so great. They know so many signs and they are even putting them into sentences. Impressive. For instance, they were signing for daddy one saturday morning and I told them he was in the bathroom. So they did the sign for bath. haha So now every morning they sign "daddy" then "bath". I have to say No, daddy's at work. and then they will do the sign for "work." Its so neat to be able to communicate with my girls this way. Its special. They are also learning to actually speak some. Mia is the best with that. She has said "Bow" (cause there's one on top of our tree) "Boston" (our neighbors kid), "thank you," "bath" "mama" "dadda" and Im sure there are more. She is such a funny chatterbox. She will "read" books all the time.

Milestones they are crossing:
I am painstakingly merging their two naps into one. (Groan, tear, sob). I delayed doing this as long as possible because honestly Charlotte isnt ready. But the other two really are, so i guess she better get ready. The last two weeks have been HELL during the second nap. Not only are they NOT sleeping, they were screaming practically the whole time. Nightmare. So then of course by the time I got them out they were cranky, my nerves were shot and I just wanted to run around pulling out my hair. Then on sunday they actually DID sleep during their afternoon nap, but then it took them an hour longer to get to sleep that night. Well that did it. I made the decision to cut it out. So now the final plan is to get them to sleep from 12-3 (cross fingers). But right now Im pushing it keeping Charlotte up till 11. She is so sleepy and so cranky that she cries for 20 minutes before passing out. Bless. Sometimes I think this is all for the birds.... Baby step I suppose.

Also coming up is nursery. Yes, nursery. I have very mixed feelings about this as well. First of all we never stay for all 3 hours of church. We go to sacrament and come home. Church will starting at 11 in January so obviously with this new sleep schedule, it just doesn't work. I dont know what we will do. Looks like it will be sacrament only for a few months at least until they get the hang of this. Second, I fear for illnesses. (yes Im THAT mom) I know as soon as they run around with the other snotty nose children, disease will spread. And I don't want that. Eeek! Very mixed feelings indeed.

Finally, Lisa is leaving to go back to Utah on Monday. I have absolutely NO mixed feelings on this. I hate it. I am completely sad she is leaving and thats that. More on Lisa later.

Onto cheerful notes, the girls are loving the Christmas decorations everywhere. They love the snowmen I have hanging up. They blow them kisses and give them hugs. Precious. They LOVE the Christmas tree too. Abbi is too scared to touch it though. And Charlotte is strange about it-she wont climb the stairs anymore because she's afraid of the tree at the top. But when Im holding her she practically lunges for the tree to grab anything she can... I dont know. And Mia loves the bow. Tehehe they are so funny. They love the Christmas music we have playing nearly all day long too.

They are all in all very happy healthy babies. We are just experiencing some teething and changes in our schedule that we will all have to adjust to. Its a constant adjusting battle.

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  1. Parenthood NEVER gets old. Just when you get one thing figured out something changes. Wait! That's also life! Nursery is tough. Our kids never were sick til they started going to nursery. Tough call. Good luck with the nap business!!! We love you, mom and dad T