Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Oh my Abigail! She is definitely my most sensitive child. As I explained already with our trip to Alabama, she just has the hardest time adjusting to new surroundings. And I think she has an extra special imagination which is wonderful but can also scare her when things arent really there. This child is all heart and soul. Her laugh just is heaven to me. She loves to dance. The hot dog dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her favorite. And the girl has rhythm too! 

She loves to give lots kisses and hugs. And just as she has been since birth, she is a true blue daddy's girl. I got to say this has broken my heart a few times here and there but I cant be upset for too long. Im glad she loves her daddy so. All my girls are super smart, but Abbi is my book worm I think. She just absorbs so much and is curious about so much. She isnt really an outside girl. Everytime I say "Lets go outside and play!"she says "It hot?!" haha and she's right, its always hot here in Houston.

 She is so expressive with her face. It is hilarious! She can squint those eyes or bulge them out and she just loves to make different expressions. She likes to walk on her tippy toes alot and its too cute. She is also my squealer. Sometimes its just random but other times its provoked by a sister but she will just let out this high pitch hair raising squeal. Then she'll just look at you and grin ear to ear. Though she has been the victim of biting her entire life it seems, she is now picking up the habit herself. AGH! However,  I just think she is the sweetest kid and will blow this world away with her beauty and brains combination. I adore her!