Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My little bean. She is such a clown. She loves to say "____ is funny." Fill in the blank with anything from "Daddy" to "Water" to "TV." She is by far my best eater. She will try anything at least once and she loves her meat. My other two will eat chicken but thats it for meat. Last night Charlotte put away a ton of BBQ pulled pork I made and I was so proud!

 I have to say though she is my highest maintence child. She likes to do most things in a certain way. She requires a little more TLC than the others. HA! Her skin is more sensitive so I have to use a special soap and lotion for her, ect. Things like that. But when she looks at me and smiles ear to ear and says "Hi Mommy!" it melts my heart. She loves to sing and dance and laugh but will not be a performing monkey. If I try to get her to do stuff for other people, she knows it and refuses. HA! Little stink.

 Even though the other two girls resort to biting to get what they want, Charlotte has never bitten her sisters, (but Ive seen her pack a punch with pushing and throwing things.) She has the biggest heart for her sisters. I watch her go off on her own and play with a toy for a bit. But then she sorta realizes "Oh this is Abbi's favorite toy" and will walk over and hand it to her. Sweetest thing. Charlotte's favorite thing in the whole world is to be tickled. She will lay still like an old hound dog so that you will tickle her arm, legs, feet, hair, back, tummy, ANYTHING! HA! I dont understand it! But I love it.

Her hair baffles me. It is straight as a board and has two cowlicks in the back. Even if I wet it, redry it, clip it... it still just goes everywhere and nowhere at the same time. HA! Bless it. She is my little adventurer. She is afraid of nothing. Climbing, jumping, bouncing, sliding, she wants it all. She is also a little tomboy. Whenever we go over to my friend's house who has two boys, Charlotte is in heaven with all the "different" toys. Cars, big trucks, ect... HA! She loves it. Im so proud of all this little girl has accomplished and can do. She is super smart and is the sweetest thing. I love her to pieces!


  1. My Bean! That girl is just too cute. I loved the video of her singing like Annie.