Wednesday, September 26, 2012


My drama queen, my superstar, my heart. This girl makes me laugh everyday with something or another. She is so funny. And she has the most beautiful little dimples when she laughs. She is by far the best talker of the three. She even helps me understand what the other two are trying to tell me sometimes. Precious! I kind of think of her as the leader of the group. Her personality is just so much more take charge and sassy. (Plus she's got a killer bite which keeps those other two on their toes.)

You would think being a little more theatrical she would be my more difficult child, but she's really not. I mean, when she wants my attention she gets it but rarely do I need to diffuse her like the others. For example, the trip to Alabama. She did beautifully. She rode in her carseat just fine while the other two were acting like they were being tortured. She handled her new surroundings the best, ect.

Speaking of getting my attention, if she wants me to look at her when she tells me something, she will put both her hands on my cheeks and move my face to look at her. HILARIOUS! She loves building with blocks and being a little momma to her baby animals. She will sing "Rock the baby, in the treetop, when the wind blows, the cradle will rock." She knows most of the words to "Im a child of God." Loves to sing like Annie from Little Einsteins. She gives to tightest hugs and squeezes and loves to snuggle.

She's just a little doll with the sweetest, purest spirit. Its an honor to see her smiling face every day!