Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 Charli Bean.

 Mama Mia

 Abbi and Poppy (since she wouldnt walk with us)

Abbi and Mia asleep on the way home from Alabama. LOVE this van!

Charli asleep too!

 Abbi and Poppy

 Charli and Mia

Mia and Abbi

Lazy day

Charli hearts Mia

Mia likes Charli too!

 Gorgeous Girls! Abbi Mia Charli

 Mia being lazy

I could get lost in the love and beauty Im surrounded by every day all day. This job is one that changes daily for me. Some days I dont know what I did WRONG to deserve it and other days I dont know what I did so RIGHT to deserve it. It has made me realize more than ever how crucial it is to be close to my Father in Heaven and to do my hardest every day to make sure the Spirit is in my home. Otherwise I would probably end up naked running down the street pulling out my hair or something less dramatic. 

I would consider myself the ultimate Momma Bear. I live breathe and sleep these girls everyday and it takes almost everything out of me. I figure Heavenly Father entrusted me with three angels, I better not disappoint. When I see them spontaneously give hugs and kisses to each other or share a toy without a dramatic scene or say Thank You Momma without being reminded, I glow. And when I have to diffuse fight after bite after throw down after slap after push after hair pull after scream after melt downs.... well I just say "only 3 more hours till bedtime Ashlee. Hang in there three more hours and THEN break down." Which I do. 

I do love this stage they are in though. When they want to snuggle and give me tons of kisses all the time. And when they sing songs over and over and over. And when they tell me "Mommy silly" because I keep making fish faces at them. Or when I change their diapers and they say "Poop yucky! Bobo crying." HA! They make me laugh and cry at the same time. What a triple blessing Ive been given. Thank goodness for an amazingly loving and patient husband. And the amazing friend I have just down the street so willing to help me. 


  1. Oh those girls! I sure miss them. And you and Jared. A lot.

  2. What a wonderful life for you! Some days are really hard but the great days make it worth hanging in!!