Monday, January 18, 2010

The After Shock

So I wouldn't say that the news of having triplets in my belly has "sunk in" yet. I still think about it pretty much every second of my day and have to brace myself on something. Triplets! I just still have no words to even begin to express....
Am I happy? Absolutely. Jared and I are ecstatic to welcome any and all children Heavenly Father blesses us with. Its going to be a blast to have that many kiddos running around. There will never be a dull moment in our house. Thats already more siblings that I had and almost as many as Jared had growing up so it will be so much fun raising these babies.
Am I overwhelmed? On Monday when we found out, I was all tears and stress. Tuesday wasn't much different. Wednesday got better and by Saturday I didn't feel that desperation feeling in my gut anymore. My family has been beyond amazing at getting a plan together, brainstorming and helping us grip reality and embrace it. So though I know this is going to be insanely hectic, Im not overwhelmed anymore.
Am I scared? To death. How selfish is that! I have always been terrified of being pregnant and giving birth. I was that kid at 4 and 5 years old who WOULD NOT CLIMB THAT TREE! because I was NOT breaking an arm. I would ALWAYS brush my teeth 2x a day because I wasn't getting a needle in my mouth. So I've never broken a bone. Never had a cavity. Had my wisdom teeth and tonsils out(couldn't prevent either one of those!). Other than that, Im needle free. I'm terrified of the things this pregnancy and C-section will involve and the load it will put on my body. And I think I will be until its over. How sad is that.
Well we are well into week 9 and the babies are progressing. I can feel my belly getting "fuller" on the inside. They should each be around 2.5-3 CM. They have ears and toes now too. Basically they are starting to look much LESS alien. HA! My least two favorite things everyday are things I HAVE to do more than once. EAT and BRUSH MY TEETH! I hate toothpaste and I gag so bad every time I brush. It sucks. I haven't thrown up yet! YEA! I have, however, looked into several toilets and almost surrendered. But I closed my eyes and said "NO! Im NOT throwing up!" I barely eat as it is and these babies NEED what I put in there!
Also been trying to wrap my head around how much weight I will actually be gaining. Around 50-70 pounds is recommended for triplets. So yes, I will be fat. Crap... Another "gasp" fact of triplets I read about this week: diapers. The average baby will go through 10 diapers a day. Times that by 3 and you get 30. Thats over 200 in a week. And yes thats almost 1000 in a month. Feel sorry for me yet?! HA! I feel sorry for the environment. Diapers don't break down.


  1. Oh I LOVE you Ashlee. You crack me up! I don't think ONE TIME in Boston's TWO 1/2 years of life have I EVER though about the environment and diapers! HAHA! Maybe that's horrible but I laugh you even brought it up! One of the reasons you just crack me up! Keep your updates coming! Can't wait to see NON alien looking pictures of these little babies! I'm going to make a prediction and say you're having THREE boys...just throwing it out there...

  2. I know you guys will be awesome parents to three babies! I'm sure it's very surreal right now but once you've got them in your arms you'll know everything will be okay. I was talking to a mom friend of mine who has twins and she suggested (if insurance will cover it/if you can afford it) to hire a night nurse a few times a week. She did M, W & F and she said that's what kept her sane.

    Anyway. I'm hoping for 2 girls and a boy. For your sake I'm hoping you don't have 3 boys!!!

  3. I'm with Gwen on the nite nurse and hopeing you don't have 3 boys....OMH..

  4. Ha ha, three boys would be an adventure for sure! Have you thought about using cloth diapers? I don't know which would be better! ha ha